Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am currently addicted to watching Bravo's Fashion Hunters, about the Second Time Around consignment boutique in NYC. I think this is the only way a working Mom like me can afford designer luxury items - buying gently used and from a consignment shop.

I was floored when I watched this woman casually bringing in some Chanel bags into the store to see if it would sell. She bought these at a garage sale in Texas - one bag was fake and the other was the REAL DEAL. The best part (for her) was she only paid $10 for it.

I haven't checked prices lately as I know they have gone up TREMENDOUSLY but $10? I cannot even imagine the rush I would get to find this and then have someone in the know tell me that 'yes, it is REAL!'

Honestly, I would have kept this purse especially if I am told that it could go for as high as $4K but maybe she wasn't into Chanel. She ended up selling it to the sales associate for $1200 and a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. She did walk away with a wad of cash and some cute shoes but still!! I would have held out for more.

Maybe she was just CRAZY - hahahaha j/k!

Please watch this clip if you haven't already:
All I know is that when my husband says he wants to check out a garage sale on our block, I will no longer ignore him. I will grab my wallet before he can say, "let's check it out"
Is anyone else watching this show?


  1. Second Time Around is near my place - I walked past it today!

  2. Nice - it's now on my list when I come back for a vist.

    That is after getting drunk with you at 11AM!