Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eyes to Kill...

I know I said last month that I was going to make it my mission to find the mascara to squash all others, well the ones I've tried in the past anyway. In the past, I have asked a few of my fellow bloggers recommendations for the best mascara they have come across. The answer is usually, you should try Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill, it's the best! 

I make my way to the GA counter at Saks Fifth Ave, SF and use my birthday money, like I just turned 13 all over again, to purchase a tube. I was so excited to get home and try this. Well it wasn't quite love at first swipe. 

I think it was a matter of getting use to a big brush again, however the weight of mascara tube is letting me know I am getting my $30 worth. It's like a paper weight - it's that hefty!

Here it is compared to the brush I have grown accustomed to and love

Chanel Inimitable has a thinner, tapered brush and with soft, flexible short bristles. I like this brush because it makes it easier to reach the shortest lashes at the corner of my eyes. Yet, I still felt that it didn't elongate my lashes enough. The volume aspect is decent though, so I don't entirely hate this mascara.

The Eyes to Kill brush is bigger and I had to really investigate why this mascara has a lot of fans so I dig into my fellow blogger's archives and I found a review from the fabulous Glitter Geek from Toronto. She mentions that the size of the bristles are different - one side is shorter with wide set bristles to build volume at the base of your lashes and the other side has bristles that are longer and closer together to lengthen and separate. Still I am weary about the thicker brush because I think it holds on to more product and it'll make my lashes clump. After two weeks of use, I am finally getting the hang of this brush and my love is growing. 

I am happy to report that this mascara last through my sweat fest spin class with minimal smearing. It curls decently without the use of a curler but then again I am pretty lucky that my lashes are not stick straight. My lashes remain curled until I take it off with eye makeup remover - yes, it does come off easily.

Here's another look:

Chanel Inimitable, Noir

The volume is decent and the length is okay.

Eyes To Kill

As you can see the it gives me some major length, I am curious what this would look like after I used an eye lash curler. I didn't notice that much more volume. I guess I just need to play around with the brush but I don't also have the time to layer upon layer my mascara. Also, it looks like it has the tendency to clump and this is after I wiped off the initial excess off the wand. I need to compare this to my other beloved volumizing mascara, MAC Plush Lash.

If you are concerned with smearing - this does come in a waterproof formula. For ultimate lengthening there is Eyes to Kill Stretch Lengthening and Eyes to Kill Excess for ultimate volume. I think I'll finish my tube of the original formula before going hog wild in Eyes to Kill land.

Final assessment, I am growing to love this mascara but because of it's hefty price tag ($30/USD) it's not for everyone. But if you are curious and tried just about everything - give this a go. You can purchase this at fine department stores that carries the Giorgio Armani cosmetic line, or go online. This was bought by yours truly at Saks Fifth Avenue.


  1. I'm glad to see a mascara review! I didn't know eyes to kill had such a large following. The price tag does bite, but it looks like it works well! I've never tried MAC mascaras, and was thinking about it lately. HAve you tried Zoom fast as well? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have time =)

  2. Hey Dovey,
    I have tried Zoom lash and I remember not being entirely excited about it like plush lash. That one gives pretty good volume and it's under $20 - that's a plus for me!

    If I can recall - Zoom does give pretty decent length. I would try it next time you are at the MAC counter.

  3. I know it is expensive, but one Eyes To Kill tube lasts me about 9 months. Waaaaay longer than any other tube of mascara I've bought. I love it!!! Hope you continue to grow to love it, too.

  4. I was given a sample of the Chanel Inimitable Noir mascara and I was not that impressed especially compared to my current HG, Fariydrops Scandal Queen mascara. I also have a sample of a GA Eyes to Kill mascara from a while ago, but I do not know which formula. I will definitely try it out first before spending my hard earned money on it:) Thanks.

  5. Hi Tess,
    9 months? Awesome - I LOVE feeling like I got my money's worth! I know we're suppose to change mascara every 3 months but who can afford that, right?

    Hi Rola,
    I got samples of Inimitable Extreme and I love the formula better than the original. That's cool that you got a sample of Eyes to Kill - yes, test it out for a few days before committing. I feel lucky that I liked it right off the bat! Good luck.