Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get in The Expresso Lane

My latest (DIY) manicure: OPI's "Get in the Expresso Lane", from OPI's Fall Collection - Touring America:

I know you really can't tell but this is a very lovely, dark brown, but in the sunlight it reads like a brown, green camo color. Surprisingly, I am in love with this shade. I normally go for traditional plums and wines this time of year.

A better close up shot of the shade and my poor, dry cuticles - sorry, I know...it's like an assault to the eye:

However, I am happy to report that I have been using Curel's Hand and Cuticle therapy hand cream and my cuticles have been looking 10x better! I'll need to do a mani do-over!

I used this on top of Sephora for OPI Strengthening base coat. I applied 2-3 coats. It does streak a little the first coat and if I see a bit of visible nail bed after my second coat dries, I will apply another coat. I finish with Seche Vite Top Coat. I get about a good 3 days of wear time before I see intial chipping at the top corners.

This retails for $8.50 so I don't mind too much that it lasts for a short amount of time, especially if I did my own nails.

This was bought by yours truly at a nail salon.


  1. I just want to say. That you have an awesome nail bed for nail polish and I'm mad jealous. Great post!

  2. Aw thanks BOOTCH and I'm so glad you weren't terribly turned off by my grossly dry cuticles!

  3. I think this was one of the best colors from Touring America. I was in the mood for chocolate polish too lately! I guess it's the right time for such colors =)

  4. Dovey, couldn't agree more! I pretty much have dupes of the others in this collection and I like that I can see some dark olive green tones in this brown in the sun.

  5. Great color - I think it was one of the more unique colors in this collection & really nice for fall! :)

  6. I WANT IT. I saw this a few weeks ago after I got my wisdom teeth out and now I know for sure I wasn't just sedated -- it really is that beautiful!!

  7. Thanks MM - I really didn't expect to like anything from this collection. Sometimes the colors are overwhelming- their collections launches rival some MAC collection launches.

    Hey Procrastinator,
    Yes, girl you are not hallucinating - this color rocks!
    Believe it!