Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coming Soon to a Drugstore Near You!

This week I review a new dry shampoo from Suave.

It's supposed to be comparable to Bumble's dry shampoo but I've never tried there's. So I compared it to another leading drugstore brand.

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  1. aww girl!! congrats on your article!! i've been wanting to try dry shampoo out.. my hair is VERY VERY greasy i cannot go without washing my hair everyday! i will def give dry shampoo a try!!

  2. Thanks Lisa - it's actually a weekly gig for me on missomnimedia.com

    Seriously, dry shampoo has saved me many times - try it, especially since you can find a great economical option!

  3. I love keeping my salon blowdry as long as possible. I tried a brand recently but I was shocked that I used the entire can in one use. At $17.00 I was really annoyed. Prior to that I have been using baby powder and it works like a charm. The white residue can be a pain but once you work with it a couple of times you learn how much to use. I can't wait for your review. :)

  4. H Katrina,
    Yes, this is a decent one for roughly $3! I say pick up a bottle when it hits the shelves late Jan/ea Feb.