Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Look what arrived in my (work) mail box:

I am so excited about this since I skipped the first Naked palette because I got tired waiting for the next wave of shipment to come in and once it became a permanent item, I just got tired of the hype. This time I decide to jump the Naked bandwagon once I got an email for Urban Decay. Also, it was free Priority Mail shipping - how could I lose? I'll be posting looks and thoughts soon (early next week).

As you know, I started an unhealthy addiction to fragrances and I blame a very, very bad BUNNY for this...

This is my second round of sample purchases from the awesome fragrance site:

You can buy samples of almost any perfume out there in the world. I am officially addicted to niche brands!

The best part of ordering from them is the candy they put in your orders - such a special little treat and just great customer service!

I know, Xmas is just around the corner and here I am purchasing crap for myself. Oh well, I'm sure my family will appreciate my makeup and lovely scent as they receive gifts from me!

My wallet on the other hand.....


  1. Yeah I'll totally appreciate the lovely scent from you as you give me presents, HAHHA!

  2. *coughs* OH HAI. Who could that bad bunny possibly be?! =)

  3. PS - you need to update my blog URL on your blogroll! xoxoxo

  4. I keep checking my email too late to get the NAKED 2 palette! Look forward to seeing your looks & thoughts on it :) I love the Perfumed Court & also Lucky Scent for samples! :)

  5. AH! You got it! I passed on this one, though I got the first--- but we'll see how I feel later. I'm obsessed with the color "pistol" from online swatches though....

  6. Thanks Tat - my goal is to get you fragrance obsessed next!

    Joey, you are such an awesome fragrance writer! You make me want to buy all the scents you review and I did update the correct URL for your blog on my blogroll list!

    Hi MM,
    I have ordered samples through Lucky Scent in the past - thinking about doing another order since Lucky Scent carries stuff that TPC may not have.

    Hey Dovey,
    Pistol is pretty. It's a color that you would love. I just wished I looked at this closer as I have a few of these colors in another palette. Verve and Suspect are in my Rollergirl palette and Chopper is in the Ammo palette, I believe.

  7. Good luck (Snuggle air freshener style)! I went cologne shopping with James, I can't hang. All the smells all at once make me dizzy!

  8. Hahaha - I read that without reading your stage direction!

    What cologne did he go with? Yeah if you go to Sephora or Macy's counter it is a bit much.