Friday, December 16, 2011

What I Want for the Holidays....for Miss Omni Media

Happy Friday!

I was asked to participate in a very fun post, which was pure fantasy for me. It's a yearly post for Miss Omni Media - they ask their writers for 5 items on their wish  list. Each day till Xmas they feature a Wish List.

Here's my list, which caused Mr. Lex to laugh in my face:

The only thing I see myself successfully purchasing on my own - is that fragrance bottle, travel sized version of course and perhaps a week and a half in Italy (I'd have to combine Rome and Florence into one visit, instead of a full month languidly moving about the country).

The Louboutins, the Dolce and Gabbana suit and that gorgeous Chanel purse will always be on the wish list of my dreams!!

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  1. Great list...I love Italy and want to go back to explore more...Portrait of a Lady is an exquisite fragrance, I use it on special occasions:)

  2. Thanks Rola! OMG - so glad you are familiar w/FM's Portrait of a Lady. I am trying to save up just for the travel size and that's expensive - $130??

    Yes, praying I actually make it to Italy this time and I don't care if it's just one week in one city!