Monday, December 12, 2011

Naked 2 Palette - My Review for Miss Omni Media

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I just wanted to share my brief breakdown for Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. I wanted to keep it short and sweet just so I don't sound like a broken record.

In a nutshell, if you already have the first palette - you really don't need one. If you are a neutral shadow hoarder then by all means add yourself to the waiting list if you haven't already!

Please click here, for the article.

Starting tomorrow I will beging posting looks featured with this palette. I have been using this exclusively for a while and it's very basic palette. You really can't go wrong with these colors. Just be sure you have a makeup removing soaked cotton swab handy if you choose to wear the chunky glittery shadows: Chopper or YDK.


  1. Just when I thought I didn't need it... :) I'm crazy about Pistol, the brush, and the lip junkie gloss sounds awesome if it's the non-irritating kind of gloss. I know I'll have a little difficulty wearing some of the shades like half baked (my nemesis) and chopper, the copper. I'll probably cave by January, especially if I see your EOTD and FOTDs!

  2. Hi Dovey,
    I know, I still toy with the idea of picking up the first palette even though I keep telling folks that both aren't really needed. But then again, I have a sickness with great nude shades - I have to have them all! You know I have uber sensitive lip and so far, I haven't experienced any itching or peeling after using - I should really invest in some of the regular size lip junkie glosses.

    Pistol is so your shade. I thought of you when I tried it!

  3. Great review! I keep missing out on this one, but am glad I have the first one. After many months with no stock, I noticed that my local Sephora suddenly has a lot of the first palette available! Guess they're trying to clear them out before the new ones arrive. I like the brush that comes along with this new one. Like Dovey, I think I too will probably cave by January! :)

  4. Hey there MM!
    Thanks - yeah now that the first palette is readily available, I no longer want it. Now, I really don't need it. Yes, I'm pleased that I jumped at the chance to order this.

    I'm still learning to love this brush. But I do love that it's double sided.