Thursday, December 1, 2011

Loving It - November Favorites

Here's what I was feeling in November and yes, I realize that it's already December 5th.

No time like the present, right?

1. NARS Multiple, G-SPOT
2. Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish, Anne
3. MAC Eye Pencil - Coffee
4. Serge Luten Feminite du Bois
5. Decant bottle of SL FDB
6. NARS Cream Eye Shadow - Ponderosa

I love the pink glitter in this polish, it softens up the deep olive brown tones.

I love these items but the one item I have reached for the most is the MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee, it goes on smooth and easily and I love that it really is a Black Coffee color.

And here is a snap shot of G-Spot on my NC42 skin tone. It looks lovely in flash photography. And I do not wear this Multiple this heavily - I just added an extra layer just so you could see it on my face.

I am really going to attempt to write about fragrance so please bear with me. I have discovered that all the scents I gravitate has a musk, wood or oud note in it. This particular scent has notes of clove, plum, peach, cinnamon, orange blossom, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and benzoin. I get a hit of the fruitiness from the plum and peach but for a quick moment then it settles into a lovely spicy wood. It truly is lovely scent. I know that Serge Lutens originally created this for Shiseido and the formulation has changed slightly once it was released for the SL line. I can't compare it to the original but I'm so pleased with this version.

I also discovered that fragrance collecting can get you in trouble especially if you are buying samples regularly like I do from this site.

My November love list is short but it is sweet nonetheless!


  1. I love all your pictures here!! Your face image is so clear--- and not to mention you're lucky to look so lovely, even up close! I really like the look of ponderosa from your swatch--- it almost takes on a greener (as opposed to brown) tone on your skin. I guess the name Ponderosa would imply greener tones...

    Fragrance collecting is dangerous, especially if it's alongside makeup collecting! Most days, I don't even let myself sniff anything on purpose :)

  2. Aw thanks Dovey! You are always so kind to me!! I guess I had a good skin day in that close up haha...

    I'm really surprised just how much I love Ponderosa since I own just one other NARS cream shadow and it's not as pigmented as I hoped. I use Ponderosa about 85% of the time when I'm getting ready for work!

    Yes, I need to stop reading fragrance blogs, reviews and sites that offer sample purchases. I can't help it - I love discovering niche brand fragrances!