Monday, June 13, 2011

Adding to my Summer Lip Repertoire....

I am a huge fan of sexy, glossy bronze glosses for the Summer. Actually, lipstick doesn't get a whole lot of play from me during the summer months.

Until now.

Please say hello to NARS, Hot Vodoo, a semi-matte described as a molten copper, frost

I love it because it looks a bit like a peachy, copper on my NC42/NARS Syracuse skintone.

Here's a picture I took of it with my other recent go-to NARS item, South Beach (shimmering apricot) multiple.

(bottom left corner my thumbnail - OPI Black Shatter on top of UD's Big Bang)
It really does help me create a summer state of mind while I freeze my ass off in foggy, cold Bay Area temperatures (Daly City, CA to be exact!) - BOO!!

On my lips without an additives: Lip pencil or gloss

It is pretty on it's own. If I wore it this way I'd go heavier with the eye makeup/blush.

And here it is with MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil (a rediscovered old favorite!) and NARS Sweet Revenge gloss (pink grapefruit)

After many years and seasons of wearing nude pink/beige, this is a refreshing look for me. It really helps define my lips. I also like wearing this with a defined eye (smoky brown or gold shadow w/black liner) and a coral blush (Gilda, of course).

Like all NARS lipsticks I have encountered in the past, this does not disrupt my uber sensitve lips and it has a staying power of up to 2.5 - 3 hrs, depending how much you are drinking while wearing and intensity of color. The scent (or lack of) has been described either plastic to herbal. Scents are so subjective, aren't they? All I know is that it really doesn't bother me none as long as they keep my lips smooth during continuous wear.

This is part of the NARS permanent collection. Why haven't I found this sooner? I guess I was too busy trying to hoard all the sheer pink, beige glosses I could get my grubby paws on!

Bought at Sephora
Retail - $24.00/USD


  1. Mmm, very lovely and pretty!

  2. Pretty colors! Have you tried Honolulu Honey or Viva Las Vegas?

  3. Your lips still look surprisingly pink despite the copper tones. Thumbs up!

    And the peekaboo nail is pretty wild =)

  4. Thanks Productdoctor and many, many thanks for stopping by! I think I tried Honolulu Honey once and I felt that it was too light well after reading through the NARS book, I realize I can make just about any color work for me. I'll revisit this color and Viva Las Vegas (also my favorite Elvis movie)

    Thanks, it's a color that surprised me and I'm glad I do not have a dupe in my huge collection. Thanks - too bad my nails chipped the next day!