Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Dry Bar, SF (WIN), Daily Candy SF (FAIL!)

I first heard about The Dry Bar salon from Sabrina, at The Beauty Look Book. This salon does nothing but blowouts and up-do's - no cuts, no color. I noticed that these salons were predominately in Southern California (as well as Arizona and Texas) so I was all kinds of excited to discover that they were now in my neck of the woods - San Francisco, Pacific Heights to be exact. Daily Candy, SF is currently running a $20 special for a blowout/floater (10mn scalp massage). I did not hesitate to purchase this. I just wished I knew I'd end up paying full price once I checked out (more on that later).

How cute is that?

It is literally a bar setup - you sit at the bar and stylist stand behind you cranking out blow-outs in top speed. You choose from a menu of hair styles with cocktail inspired names. I went with the "cosmo-tai" a combination of loose and messy, beachy curls. I had a girls night out planned later so I was keeping my fingers crossed that my curls would last through the night.

I am still curious what a Bourbon on the Rocks might look like if it existed...
This place also likes to keep the champagne flowing. You are offered libations - champagne, mimosas, and the straight stuff - juices, waters infused with cucumber or strawberry. I stopped myself after two mimosas because I just came from an intense gym workout, I haven't eaten lunch and I still had to drive all the way back home and pick up my mini cupcake from her grandmother's house.

Watch out ladies - they like to get you liquored up here!

My stylist, Jamila assured me that she could make my curls last - I've heard that claim before but with my heavy, course, thick hair I wasn't going to get my hopes up too high. She was very sweet and she gave me a great scalp massage which is what I needed after a tough gym workout and a very long work week! Like the foot massage during a pedicure, a great scalp massage is worth the price of a salon visit. However, I felt a few minutes cheated from a promised 10 minute massage. For what it's worth - I was satisfied with a 7 minute scalp massage.

The products the salon uses are Moroccan Oil styling products and Living proof frizz  line. This was my first time using these products - I was quite pleased and my hair smelled like candy when Jamila was finished. She used a curling method while blowing my hair out with a boar bristle brush and then she curled my hair with a 1/2" barrel curling iron and then she sprayed me well. I need to invest in these products because when I do add curl or extra texture into my hair, it can look like a frizzy mess. These products kept my hair looking smooth and shiny! Even after my curls relaxed later into the evening. I retouched with my own hairspray for added insurance and still no frizz!

Here I am with fresh curls:

(pretty curly, I know)
Like I said I purchased a coupon from Daily Candy, SF. Until I realized I had forgotten my coupon. Then I was told that I could retrieve and show them the coupon on my phone. I searched and searched but I could not find the coupon. Trust me I went through a whole wave of emotions realizing that even though I bought a $20 coupon, I had to pay full price for a blowout/10mn massage for $45. In total, I paid $65 for my blowout. All the champagne in the world couldn't shake the annoying feeling I had. But I kept telling myself that it's there somewhere in my inbox - personal email or work email. If I had record of it in my bank statement then I know it's somewhere floating around in cyberspace.

Currently, I am still searching for my purchase confirmation email. It's almost like I never bought the coupon deal - it's pretty annoying. In the meantime, I am also waiting to hear back from Daily Candy customer service. I just hope they can redeem themselves, otherwise they lost me as a customer and follower!

But would I come back to Dry Bar even if I didn't find my coupon to cash in on another blowout/floater?

Judging from my hair before leaving the house:

(Loving the look better once the curl has cooled and relaxed)

That's a yes! And for the record, my hair held up well till I went to bed. The next day, I pinned it half way up in a messy Brigitte Bardot inspired look.

The Dry Bar, SF
1908 Fillmore Street, SF


  1. Omg I hate that feeling! It's happened to me before too, but on the bright side your hair looks great and it seems like a cool/fun environment... I wish Hawaii had places like that.

  2. Too bad about the coupon, but your hair looks great! :) I wish I had one of these in my neighborhood.

  3. Hey ladies,
    Thanks for your kind words - luckily Daily Candy has redeemed themselves by sending me my coupon! YAY!!!

    JC - you guys have lots of other cool stuff in Hawaii and you can do the "messy beachy hair" literally just by hanging out at the beach all day. Honestly, my beach hair was the best thing about my Hawaii visit (LONG STORY!)

    Makeup Magpie - a location is opening up in Georgia so Florida can't be too far behind!

  4. Dude, you look STUNNING in that bottom photo! Totally worth the $65! - Sarvi