Friday, June 24, 2011

Current obsessions....

Layering and wooden bracelets and sometimes layering my bracelets.
First the layering I've been into lately involves my blushes. Okay, maybe this is not a new concept to you but for me it's revolutionary. Not too long ago, I'd walk out with a done face without any blush. Either I didn't have the time but thinking about it now, I just never paid attention.

This made my cheekbones very sad.

Then I just started introducing very neutral pinks, roses and corals. Bronzing scared me at first but at the same time I was intrigued. There was a way that I could make my face look thinner? Sign me up! Also I am pretty tan to begin with (thanks to my Filipino/Dutch-Indonesian background) so I felt like I really didn't need it. But slowly but surely my bronzing collection along with my blush collection starting multiplying like bunnies!

I also use to have a hate towards the NARS Multiple. I know that sounds blasphemous to some but I just didn't understand how to use it properly. I thought it had to be a bold and the colors were never loud enough on my skin to make any sort of difference. Until I realized that it's the hint, subtle glow that it imparts as an accent that makes it a great thing to have in your arsenal.

Now I can't seem to leave my bathroom mirror until I have at least a layer of my NARS Multiple (South Beach) and a blush popped on top of it.

Sometimes, I travel with all this crap in my work bag:

My scapula hates me.

Here I am with layered cheek:

I went easy today - MAC's Virgin Isle CCB (peachy coral), NARS Orgasm blush (peachy pink w/gold shimmer) and of course, NARS Multiple in South Beach (shimmering apricot) tops of my cheekbones/temples. Quickly, I wanted to add that this is the only way I can wear the NARS Orgasm blush. Without it sititng top of a cream blush or peach powder blush it doesn't do much for me. I didn't do bronzer today - might have been a bit much.

I like to dedicate my new obsession to my little sister, Tatiana. She always has fabulous cheeks and she LOVES her blush. Unless, she's running late and putting on her makeup on the morning train. Great now I got that Sheena Easton song stuck in my head. I apologize now if I got it stuck in yours too!

Second, I'm in a big bracelet phase. I would just put on my wedding bands, cute earrings and call it a day. But I have been rocking a wrist full of bracelets and I have a feeling it has something to do with my husband.

You see he's big into woodworking - he's an architect and former carpenter. Yes, he's all kinds of creative and hands on. He orginally started designing and making bookshelves until asked him a few months back if he could make a wooden bracelet for me and he's been going at it nonstop.

Here's one that I'm wearing today:

(I love layering metal bangles with a wooden one)

It's made from a old chopping board that he made as birthday present many years ago. This is his effort to keeping it Green!

The two woods he used were maple and walnut. He used a clear lacquer gloss that  gives it a pearlized finish.

For this bracelet and others please see his site. There are only 3 items currently but he's going to try to add more and he can also ship internationally.

So glad it's Friday, aren't you?

Any fun plans in works?


  1. How sweet that he made that for you. I like the layering concept for cheeks too!

  2. nice bracelets! i am still in my wedding bands and earring phase :(
    i love how you have layered the blushes, u look amazing..very fresh and glowy.. i am gonna try this one out as soon as i can!


  3. Thanks ladies,
    I am a huge fan of layering blushes. Also, I am going to do what I can to get my husband out there - he's an awesome craftsman!