Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tom Ford (lipstick) Fail....(insert sad face here)

I am in the love category when it comes to Tom Ford. The Tom Ford years at Gucci are my favorite. I am hoping to score either a pair of TF sunglasses or fragrance since I don't see myself owning any of his apparel in this lifetime. I am still kicking myself for not seeing his first directed feature film, A Single Man (2009). So you can imagine how giddy I was when I learned he was going to release a lipstick line (Private Blends Lip Color) in conjunction with his fragrances. These originally launched last year.
So you can imagine my extreme giddiness when I discovered these were going to be sold at the Cosmetic Company Store that's across from my office for $31.50 vs. regular price - $45.

I was waiting for this moment. Look at this sexy lipstick case:

The color I chose:

(Moroccan Rouge)
It's not as dark in person as it is in this picture - perhaps a smidge lighter? It's a gorgeous blue based deep rose shade.

In my line up I really don't have a whole lot to compare this to so I was even happier that this shade is unique in my collection:

L to R:
Chanel Rouge Allure - Romantic (warm pinkish rose)
TF - Moroccan Rouge (cool bluish rose)
Burberry - Prune (neutral reddish plum)

On my lips (NC42)
It brightened up my face nicely.

It goes on smooth, good amount of slip and when the formula set it's comfortable and not at all drying. There's not a real discerning scent - maybe a light vanilla if you sniff hard. The pigment lasts! I got through a good solid three almost 4 hours without having to reapply. Good, right?

Okay so this is where it goes wrong.

By the end of the day, I found color settling in lines around my lips accentuating the dry areas - you need super smooth lips for this - exfoliation is key! And I am sad to report that the next morning my lips were itchy and peeling. I almost want to give this another try just because it's a pretty badass lipstick and I love Tom Ford.

Then again maybe it's a good thing that lipsticks over the $35 range don't play well with my lips - ie. (Guerlain). My wallet doesn't seem to mind (nor my husband).

I am sad but I'm still looking forward to the arrival of Tom Ford's upcoming color collection this Fall. The lipstick may be a fail but I am willing to give the rest of his collection a shot!

(photo from
Because I'm pretty sure my eyelids will welcome the luxurious pigment Mr. Ford can offer in a palette.

I will be practicing from now till then maintaining the sexy like Ms. Lara Stone captures below in Tom Ford's Beauty ad. I will need the confidence to pull off a bold eye and lip like this!



  1. Hm, itchy and peeling is not good at all! However, I can't wait to see what comes out from his collection. I like how it's under Estee Lauder corporation which is cruelty free!

  2. Yes, no es bueno but cruelty free - MUY BUENO!

  3. Hi Lexi, too bad it didn't work out especially after such a promising start. The color looks very pretty. I bought my first and only Tom Ford lipstick (Pink Dusk) a few weeks ago, but haven't used it yet. This reminds me I need to give it a try! :)

  4. Oh no! What a shame, I would be so upset too. I wore my new TF lippy briefly, and my lips liked it so *fingers crossed*

  5. I will be envious of you both if TF lipsticks play nicely on your lips! I love just looking at the case.