Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue Noon vs. Float on By

I wanted to briefly compare this summer's teal pencil offering from MAC's Surf Baby with last summer's To the Beach collection.

Float on By - Top
Blue Noon - Bottom

For a shade that has the word Blue in it's title, it looks a bit more green, don't ya think? Or maybe it's just the way  it registers on my (NC42) skin.

Blue Noon on my waterline smudged lightly.

Float on By on my waterline.

As subtle as their differences may be, I think I'm starting to like Float on By more. I feel like it's more vibrant on my eyes - a brighter sheen, whereas Blue Noon just looks like a flat aqua green liner on me. Because I don't have a color like Blue Noon in my stash, I am leaning on keeping it.

I could totally change my mind by tomorrow morning.

They wear about the same amount of time - I apply first thing in the morning around 6:15AM and I won't touch it up again until after my lunchtime workout (12:30ish). It's just a matter of intensity preferences.


  1. Both look like great colours!


  2. Thanks t!

    And a many thanks for taking time out and stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  3. Both are beautiful! Great blog. Definitely following. =)


  4. Thanks Dinah, mighty kind of you. I appreciate the time you took out to look at my blog.

  5. I've been loving seeing blue colors lately. Now, when it comes to blues, I don't know how brave I am. I have a couple blue liners from MUFE, but I've never really worn them. Perhaps I should try a subtle under eye line like you next time!

  6. Thanks Dovey,
    It's definitely a favorite Summer look of mine. Try it - it's a subtle pop of color, especially when you do a bronze/gold smoky eye.

  7. waterlining is a mystery to me, this is very inspiring!