Monday, June 6, 2011

Silver Shatter

Okay, the other day I posted pictures of OPI's Black Shatter well today I give you the Silver Shatter, released with the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

Base color - OPI Lucky Lavendar (released last year - Hong Kong, Spring '10)

I showed my co-worker who loves a good nail art look and her thoughts were, "at first glance your nails look raggedy" Not what I was looking for but I knew what she meant. We both agreed that this might look better on top of a darker color for a starker contrast plus because I have a deeper skintone so that might translate better.

The jury is still out. As my husband said, "I like this one less that the other one you tried"

I told him just for that I'm going to wear this everyday for a month. I like being a smart ass to him any chance I can get.

The feeling is mutual.

Silver Shatter by OPI
I purchased this bottle at my local Pure Beauty for $8.50/USD


  1. I saw this and really wanted to swatch it. Maybe he'll like it better if you tried it with a darker colour underneath!

  2. Thanks Procrastinator,
    Yes, I think I'll have lots of experimenting sessions with this and the black shatter. I like it and that's all that matters, right?

  3. Hm, I wonder if it would look good with a stark white underneath as well? (And hehe, and poor hubby, beauty questions are always loaded... not sure he had a chance =P)

  4. True and I always put him on the spot. He's not afraid of being brutally honest with me. That's okay though because I rather he be honest with me than letting me go out with spinach in my teeth, toilet paper trapped on my heel or lipstick way too orange on my face!

  5. i like the black shatter better, like ur co worker said, at first glance, it looks a bit worn out. i do think it would look really pretty with a deeper color underneath.. pls keep experimenting!