Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surf's Up

I contemplate taking surfing lessons all the time but there are a few issues I always think about - I know I will freak out in the ocean and NorCal ocean? It's FREEZING COLD! Still, I think there's surfer girl in me that's dying to come out.

With this obsession of mine, it's no surprise that I couldn't walk away from the MAC counter empty handed while looking at the Summer 2011 collection: Surf Baby.

I am still trying to decide if I like this but I just wanted to share swatches and pictures of the Crushed Metallic Pigments and Blue Noon powerpoint eye kohl pencil.

I am loving the packaging of the pigments. For travel, I can just eliminate one of the lids and screw all four together to make one stack of pigments. They also sell this container empty in most of their freestanding boutiques. It's a great way to share pigments with others (I did this with my sister).

 And screwed all together:

here's a color breakdown:





I will say that to the touch, these pigments feel different. They feel a little wet and also you will notice they look clumpy. I don't know if I like this or not. I feel like it's a bit more work to get it to deposit on my eyeshadow brush. Unlike the regular formula, you dip just a bit and you pick up quite a bit of product. I feel like the dark bluish charcoal shade is finer milled and you pick up a lot of product if you are not careful.
Here's the pencil, Blue Noon. I forgot to swatch sorry but I will say that it is more on the greener side than last year's teal offering in the Summer '10 collection - To The Beach.

I swatched the pigments on top of Two Faced Shadow Insurance (TFIS) on my arm. Since it's the way I know I'd wear it most often. 

And for more intensity, here it is on top of Fyrinnae's (cult product) Pixie Epoxy:

The Pixie Epoxy is more like a glue for pigments and glitter shadows - it's not a base. I just wanted to use it just to show off the color and intensity of these pigments. It is intense and I'd reserve this look for going out with my husband or girls night out. So far, I have been liking the aquamarine (looks like a seafoam shade) closest to my wrist.

And here's my first experimentation with it:

(aquamarine- lid/graphite - outer v and MAC Coquette in crease - all on top of Groundwork PP)

Hmmm....the jury is still out:

Yes, it's still work in progress. But I know I will have lots of fun experimenting with these four colors.

Other products used:
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Syracuse
NARS South Beach Multiple mixed with MAC blush - Gingerly
MAC Cream O'Spice cremestick liner
MAC Cremesheen gloss - Richer, Lusher

Crushed Metallic Pigment - $32.50/USD
Powerpoint Eye Pencil - $15.50/USD

Available now online, department store counters carrying MAC, International release May 2011/Asia - June 2011

Be sure to call your local department stores for stock - I know this is listed as Sold Out online.


  1. Omg I wanted this so badly - I'm in love with that gold!

  2. Ha - it is awesome. Stay strong. Are you familiar with UD's Baked shadow? It's close to that - deep bronzey, gold.

  3. Ooh, the pigments are very shiny and metal! Very edgy. The stackable screw caps are also a great idea. I'm always hesistant to buy pigment though, knowing my klutzy self I'd knock them over and make a huge mess one day =P

  4. Hey Dovey,
    I actually did that at the MAC counter - it was the Feline collection, I believe. I accidentally spilled almost half a bottle of pigment on the display case. I think that MAC S.A. still hates me! hahahaaha

  5. oh that gold pigment looks stunning!

  6. Thanks Delyteful,
    It's actually a funky texture. It feels somewhat wet when you touch it. It can also look very chunky when you open it.

    Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate it!