Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Booze Review for Tuesday, July 5

I didn't really didn't feel like wearing makeup this morning - I'm also full on VACATION MODE. It's like the countdown to the last day of school and you really don't want to do a damn thing!

Yeah, I really need to snap out of that!

So in attempt to keep my writing skills a flowin here's what I drank on Saturday date night with Mr. Lex:

Yes, mine is on the right.

We went to the swanky Japanese whisky lounge, Nihon Whisky Lounge in the Mission District of SF. We finally cashed in on our Yelp coupon, I purchased for him as a Xmas Stocking Stuffer. I ate my weight in bacon wrapped prawns, hamachi served ceviche style, uni in a spoon and a maki roll called "1974" - I had to eat it since it's my birth year! Sadly, I did not snap any food pics to tempt you with so please admire my cocktail pictures!

So the first drink I had was the Peaty Old Fashion - Islay Single Malt, brandied cherries, sugar, fresh orange, orange/aromatic bitters. Islay is a small island off the west coast of Scotland and is home to eight different whisky distilleries. This produces a peaty, earthy almost medicinal flavor. I'm not sure what type of whisky was used in my old fashion so it's safe to assume a top shelf was used. The cherries, orange and sugar adds a bit of sweetness without it going into "fruity, girly drink" territory. Yes, this is my kind of cocktail for a lazy Saturday evening - also, my daughter was going to sleepover her grandmother's house so I was very relaxed as I sipped this.

My second cocktail:
The Devil's Manhattan

Sure, it sounds cool but I really wished I stuck to my first cocktail. This is your traditional Manhattan - bourbon, bitters, vermouth but a black pepper and vanilla infused Bourbon was used instead.

Trust me, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Wow, I never had such a spicy drink. This was spicier than most brunch bloody marys I have drank in the past. I got through it but I no better than to order this the next time we come back to this place.

Because this is a whisky lounge - they offer whisky by the country, region, year...the list is extensive and very impressive! It's also pretty swanky - I suggest this for date night with your significant other or if you are trying to really impress someone. They also offer traditional cocktails if you are not seasoned like me and prefer bourbon or whisky cocktails.

We ended with a scotch whisky tasting - a taste is about 3/4 of an ounce. I went with a 12 yr old Highland Park and my husband went with the Japanese Hibiki. I really wish I went with the Hibiki. This is my first time tasting a Japanese whisky.

Smooth as F*CKING butter - it was that good! Okay I will say that the 12 yr. old Highland Park is nothing to scoff at - it finishes very mossy and deep but it did leave me with a feeling of being punched in the throat. The Hibiki on the other hand, more of a woody finish (part of the charcoal filtering process through bamboo wood) and went down quietly.

Right along with the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadows, this is my latest obsession. Even the bottle is seductive!  
For more information about the Nihon Whisky Lounge, click here.


  1. Yummy, as usual! My throat is burning at the thought of scotch, although The idea of a buttery scotch is quite intriguing.

  2. Hi Dovey,
    It's years of practice sadly. I do love a good pear cider when I do want to be mellow at a bar.

  3. Ryan,
    You know I do these booze reviews especially for you and my other (secret) male readers! I was going to try the Yamazaki but I thought I'd go traditional with the Highland Park - boy, was I disappointed.

    Seriously, this place is awesome. It's a serious whisky drinkers lounge with really good Japanese eats! Yes, please let us know when you are in town again and Joel and I will meet you there!

  4. Ugh - so annoyed by Blogger. Is there a way to retract a comment that you accidentally delete?

    I accidentally deleted my good friend Ryan's comment so I will repost below:

    culturalsnow writes:
    Yay another drink post! (Ryan D. chiming in again) Hibiki is definitely on my want list after trying lately. Recently bought the 18 yr. Yamazaki and was floored at how incredibly rich and layered the profile was...exponentially better than the 12. Shot right to the top of my new faves. I swear I'm gonna get up to SF one of these days and when I do we should go to there!