Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Shoe of the Day and My New Side Gig!

Happy Monday to you all!

I just wanted a share a pic of one of my new pairs of shoes that I am planning to transition into my Fall wardrobe.

Franco Sarto's buckled flat in Black Patent Leather, Jackson.
Originally, $89.50 but on sale for $59.50 at the (VERY EVIL) Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This comes in other colors as well as a leopard print - yes, I'm tempted!

This gives me that classic Roger Vivier "buckle signature" feel without the Vivier price - one day though, they shall be mine:

(image from

I am suffering from the results of breaking in new shoes - the left side is digging into the side of my foot so it cause painful friction as I walk. Luckily I was able to find a bandage since it cut into my foot - the things we do for fashion, right?

Please check out my new side gig - guest beauty writing contributor to My introductory article is pretty much an essay dedicated to why I love NARS. Feel free to give me your honest opinion!

Okay it's almost 9AM here in the Bay Area, I can do this...I only have seven more hours to go!


  1. Awesome Shoes and even awesome-er side gig! I just read your article. I loved it! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Elvira,
    We'll see how well I can juggle not only my blog but then also contributing and doing the usual - FUN - Mommy duties when I get home from work!

  3. Great shoes - I love buckle details. I enjoyed reading the NARS article - congratulations on your new side gig! :)

  4. Thanks Makeup Magpie, it means a lot to me. It's different when you're writing for somebody else. I do like deadlines - I don't feel as lazy!

  5. This reminds me that I was sorely tempted by a pair of sperry shoes at the anniversary sale....they had leopard print on the sides!!

    But I digress. YAy for side gigs. I read the article, and you were pretty much preaching to the choir here (in a good way =P) I didn't realize Afghan Red and Paris were some of your basics... I've been lemming those for so long!

  6. Thanks Dovey! There are a few more pairs I'm debating returning for...but I have to try to refrain if I want to save up to travel again. Ugh it's so hard!

    Thanks for your support - it's misleading but I don't always use Afghan Red/Paris - I just always use a NARS Lipstick/gloss or shadows. It did remind me to play around with the Paris duo.