Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoe of the Day

Technically it is what you call a "Shoetie" - still am not a fan of the word just like "jeggings" but I will admit they are both kind of fun saying.

So here's a shoe I picked up at the Vince Camuto factory store at the Citadel Outlet in Los Angeles.

I forgot what this style was called but it is technically a sandal/bootie hybrid, "Shoetie" and I lifted the bottom of my skinny jeans just to show the buckle detail. I've been really into buckles lately. Surprisingly, these shoes are easy to walk in - heel placement? I'm not going to walk to the train station in the office in them (6mn walk) but it's nice to know that the heel feels sturdy, unlike the heel of my BCBGirl pumps. I have been wearing them with my jeans (bootcut/skinny), ankle work pant and even pencil skirts (at the knee or right above).

The best part - $40! Maybe that's why I love these shoes the most out of my new shoe haul. Also, they make me feel girly and ultra sassy.

I figure that a sassy shoe deserves an equally sassy lipstick:

MAC Lickable creamsheen (bluish fuchsia) along w/MAC Beet lip pencil

Other colors used:
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - Emerveille (all over eye)
MAC Fluidline gel liner - black
Chanel Inimitiable Mascara - Noir/NARS Larger than Life Lengthening mascara
Chanel Jouer Contraste - Rose Tourbillon

Happy Friday!

(image provided by
I'll have what Betty is having, I'm assuming it's a Gin Martini - the pink thing on the right looks like a smoothie!


  1. Love you skin in that picture, it looks so youthful! And the shoes... how about those for a night on the town?! Wow. I could never pull those off.

    Though... All these shoes I've been seeing on your blog lately awakening my dormant shoe obsession!

  2. Thanks girl!

    Maybe it's the sample of Clarins Exfoliating lotion I'm trying out, who knows? I think it's just the Copacabana Illuminator doing it's job!

    I can't walk very far in these shoes either but 10 yrs ago, I could have worn these shoes at work a full 8hrs without a pair of flip-flops to take me to the train station!

  3. Oooh those are cool shoes (shoeties)! The Vince Camuto brand has some nicely designed shoes that aren't what you see every day. I like them a lot! I was a shoe girl before I start funneling my spending money into makeup! :)

  4. Thanks! Yeah, my shoe spending use to be out of control. But if I add up all my eye shadow expenses, I'm pretty sure I'd have at least a pair of Louboutin shoes!

    That said, I really need to edit my purchases!

  5. Thanks Vivienne! Also, thanks for stopping by and taking time to check out my page!