Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm back!

So I had a lovely time off in Disneyland and visiting with my relatives in Orange County. I did make time to do some quality outlet shopping as well as picking up a few things at the local Nordstrom on the first official day of their annual Anniversary Sale.

I just wanted to share a few pictures of some of my loot - yes, I realize I said SOME...

(NARS velvet matte lip pencil - Bahama, shadow - Outremer, Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - Emerveille)

And yes, the Nordstrom Exclusive NARS palette for the anniversary sale:

(NARS - Bright Lights, Big City)

I love this palette because it consists of NARS single shadows and surprisingly, I don't own any of them until now.

I also picked up a Chanel glossimer from the Fall collection, #158/Braise, copper rose with gold shimmer and I am waiting for the Chanel  Rose Tourbillon Joues Contraste (blush) that's a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale exclusive. It'll be the one thing I'm waiting for in the mail. I'm super anxious about this because it's my first Chanel blush. Now I just have to decide what my first Chanel eye palette will be - any suggestions?

I even bought three new pairs of shoes - 1 pair from the Citadel outlet and 2 pairs from the Nordstrom sale. I promise pictures will be coming soon. I'm really excited to bust these out - like 'first day of school excited' but I still have to remind myself that technically it's still Summer and I need to enjoy the long days even though the sunny days are far and few between here up North.

The weather was perfect while in Anaheim - mid to upper 70's for the most part. I got lucky on Sunday, the fog actually burned off and we had lovely clear skies and got to enjoy a lovely sunset from our front window.

Unfortunately, the mini princess was sick the entire vacation but she did manage to enjoy herself while seeing the Disney Princesses and riding the carousel (a total of 6 times over the course of a 2-day visit).

Here she is seeing the BIG 3 - Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora

I think she's mad at me for not buying her a tiara to go with her Princess dress.

And for her 4th birthday (next year) maybe I'll splurge on a makeover at this place:

I better start saving up now - they mean serious business in that shop!


  1. Nice haul! That NARS palette looks fantastic!
    I heart Disneyland a lot! Your daughter looks so cute in her outfit!

  2. Thanks Tracy!
    It never fails - I haven't been to Disneyland in over 15yrs and I was reduced to a giddy child when I saw that castle again!

  3. Cute photos! I love Disney World (especially the resort hotels!) and hope to visit Disneyland one day. That Nars palette is great. I couldn't resist it! :)

  4. Thanks MM,
    Yeah I love Disneyworld as well. Luckily for me my mother-in-law is right outside of Orlando and she's dying for us to visit. I see another Disney trip in our near future! Which would be awesome because my daughter was sick at Disneyland (both days). Disneyland is smaller but I love it because it's the Disney I grew up with.

    Yeah this year's anniversary NARS palette is good because of the neutrals and I'm glad I don't have any of the colors already!

  5. Welcome back! Looks like you had a great trip. =D Great haul, hun!

  6. One word: Outremer!!!

    Looks like you had a great trip--- your baby is so cute... it does look like she wishes she had a tiara, hehe. I'm excited to see the shoes and the rest of the excitment!

  7. @D.Sadie,
    Thanks sweetie - it was awesome and I feel like I need a day off just to recover!

    HA seriously, I cannot wait to bust out that blue shadow...SOON! Yeah, each time I tried to put a tiara on her head she'd pull it off. I had better luck with her wearing her Jessie hat. She'd pull that off her head in 2 minutes.