Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Saks Fifth Avenue is My Place to Buy Fragrances

I always like to treat myself to a visit to the Saks Fragrance counter, Union Square, SF right after my dentist appointment. Lucky for me, it was a routine cleaning and I had no troubles whatsoever chatting with one of the lovely Sales Associates.

Right as you walk in, you are greeted by the Tom Ford fragrance/beauty line, Bond No. 9, By Killian (my expensive, guilty pleasure) counters and all the other usual suspect fragrances. I went to take a whiff of the new and final fragrance to the L'Oevre Noire collection: Sweet Redemption. It's not what I expected - it's sharper than I thought it was. Once the initial whiff of the bitter orange leaf dries down then I can move on, okay now I'm smelling vanilla..hmm, the jury is still out on this one.

This is no where near a fragrance review - I'm not one to take fragrance tips from. I do know what I like and what I don't. I do get odd fragrance cravings. One minute, I want to swim in a deep woody fragrances like By Killian's Rose Oud or I want to smell like a tropical vacation so I'll wear a coconut body oil. I'm weird like that I know but at least I'm unpredictable and try to apply with a light hand so I don't give you a headache when I walk past you.

What I wanted to share was the mini goodies I received for just stopping by, being polite and just generally excited by something lavish, like quality fragrances.

I was in pure luck! I received a sample of my favorite Killian fragrance - Liason Dangereuse, a very deep plum scent (so seductive), Sweet Redemption (the last sample on hand) and 3 Bond #9 samples - Wall Street, Bond #9 (which I can't wait to try) and West Side. If I were to buy these samples on Luckyscent it would cost at least $4 per Killian sample and I know that Bond sells a box of theirs. So I'm really pleased with my mini sample haul! Please don't let stores like Saks intimidate you. It might surprise you what you can walk out with without paying for anything by just being pleasant and curious.

I was really hoping for a sample of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino but come on, even I'm not that charming!


  1. I've been in the Saks Fifth Avenue store located in San Francisco 4 times so far and the 5th trip, coming up in about a week and a half, I'm purchasing my first By Kilian fragrance. I can't decide between Love, Liaisons Dangereuses, Back to Black, Incense Oud, A Taste of Heaven and SWEET REDEMPTION. When I first tested Sweet Redemption, snagged a sample when LuckyScent were giving 100 of them away for free, I didn't like it at all. Now, 2 weeks later, I'm in love with it

    That being said, the very first time I went into Saks I was very intimidated. Every sales associate was watching me just waiting for me to steal something and I didn't touch anything. I didn't even want to pick up anything. After that trip I didn't want to go back but I said, "Eff it! I spend my money just like everyone else" and I went back 2 test the Private Blends and fell in love with the By Kilians.

  2. Hi there Jay Lamar,

    First of all, thanks for taking time reading and commenting. Secondly, I understand the whole "being watched" in a store vibe. I still feel that way if I have my gym bag and I'm walking through The Gap of all places so you are not alone!

    But yes, that's always been my attitude - I'm a paying customer just like that lady in the fur coat so I deserve to be here just as well! I do not have a problem going into Saks, Neimans or Bergdorf Goodman, when in NY because of this mindset. I'm glad to hear you went in to test the Killian fragrances.

    I currently own the Travel set and went with Love and Tears - the jasmine scent. I yet to purchase Liasons Dangereuses. I'm still on the fence with Sweet Redemption.

    Please let me know what scent you end up purchasing!