Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I HEART MAC: My Favorite MAC Blush

Today, I want to share my all time favorite MAC blush - Gingerly.

Gingerly is a Bronze with some peachy tones in it. I wear this a lot in the summer for obvious reasons then I discovered the NARS South Beach Multiple and Gilda blush. Sadly, Gingerly took a backseat. It wasn't till I was digging around for product to build my stage makeup kit (more on that soon!).

I started to wear this again and I love the warmth this gives my skin in Winter. This is a sheertone blush but don't let that fool you - it packs a bit of punch if you're not careful. It blends easily if you need to buff it out with a bigger fluffier, kabuki style brush. It has pretty good staying power but I also use a primer underneath my foundation.

Here's a little snapshot of me and my Gingerly blush:

Gingerly is part of the permanent collection. It retails for $19.50/USD and can be found at MAC stores and department stores that carry the line. You can also find it online. I was lucky enough to find this at my local Company Store for $15. 


  1. You look very lovely with Gingerly. :)

  2. Your face looks so alive with Gingerly in the picture. It has such nice warm peachy/pink tones that come out when worn. Well, I suppose an all time favorite MAC blush is a pretty big statement. It must be good!

    So in summary: very very pretty. (And perfect brows as usual...)

  3. Thanks for the kind words Dovey! I am so glad I rediscovered this gem!

  4. Oooohhhh! I haven't tried this shade yet, I guess I'm going to have to go to the mall today... :)

  5. Hi Katrina,
    This is a lovely bronzy peach perfect to give you remnants of summer deep in the heart of a cold winter!