Monday, November 28, 2011

I HEART MAC: My Daily Brushes

How could I fail to mention the brushes that get me through sleepy mornings 9 out of 10 times?

MAC #219 - Pencil brush, $24.50/USD.
Not a smudged eye look goes out the door without this brush!  It softens hard lines and it just really makes my smoky eyes look polished. If I am doing a really easy eye look I will use this brush to smudge a dark brown liner on my top lash line on top of a nude cream shadow on my lids. I also use this to deposit shadow on my lower lash line if I don't want to use a traditional eyeliner. It's quick and easy - I rely on the brush a lot!

MAC #217 - Blending brush, $22.50/USD.
A great all around brush: use with paint pots, you can use this to apply your eye cream/primer before shadows, use to blend shadow on your lid or crease. This is my crease and outer-v brush. I have deep set eyes so this is brush head is a good size for my eye sockets.  I love the oval shape of the bristles in this brush.

MAC #239 - Eye Shader Brush, $24.50/USD
This is a nice densely packed brush that picks up a good amount of product.  A pretty basic brush that you can depend on to get the job done!

I believe the bristles are natural animal hair - the site doesn't state otherwise if they are synthetic or not.
As for care, I try to wash my brushes at least once a week. But with the holidays, I have been somewhat lazy. I will clean once every 2wks - I hope I didn't gross anyone out with that statement. Also, use baby shampoo - I bought a travel sized Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo from Target for about $1 and it lasted me for a long time. Now, I just steal some from my daughter's bottle. This is a lot cheaper than buying the MAC Brush Cleanser bottle ($13/USD). The handles are wood and have nickel-plated ferrules. So when drying, I like to have the bristles lean over the edge of my bathroom sink. This way if there is any dripping it lands into the sink and keeps the wood handles of my brushes dry.
And my all time favorite brush that has gotten me through many mornings - this guy


  1. Oh yea these are my fave too! Especially the 217 which you gave me from that gift set! One of my first ever professional eyeshadow brushes.

  2. Yay! I love seeing your comments - it makes me happy! I also love that I created the makeup junkie in you!!