Sunday, November 13, 2011

I HEART MAC: My Staples

One of my popular post is a MAC fail and it makes me feel a little guilty. MAC was there for me in the beginning back in 1994 where I was introduced to the brand by a little matte red lipstick named Russian Red. But along the way, the relationship soured.

It's no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with MAC - when it's good, it's an intense passion and when it's bad it's like that bad morning after feeling. You know, just intense awkward silence? One of my intentions with this blog is to give you, the reader, my honest opinion on products - good and bad.

This week I will focus on the basic MAC staples that have not failed me. The products that I find myself actually finishing and restocking.

I know this may not be fair because the first product I am going to share is actually a limited edition item.

LIMITED EDITION...who knew those two words together would incite an eye roll response. MAC is the leader when it comes to limited edition items in a collection. This phrase can cause a anxious feeling like: if I don't get this MSF powder, lipstick, pigment, shadow...etc...I will lose my mind! Who ever is in charge of  their Marketing department is pure genius!

Yes, I have been there before. I forgot what collection made me the most jaded in terms of trying to obtain a L.E. Mineralize Finish Powder but I do remember walking away intensely angry because the item I THOUGHT was promised to me was actually given away to another person. I guess waiting list don't always guarantee, of all things, blush!

So when I heard that my all time favorite (smudgy) black liner, Feline was going to make a comeback:

You know how you have 25 different pairs of black shoes in your closet that all serves a different purpose? Well I have different black liners that serve different purposes depending on my makeup mood that day or evening. For a more 60's doe eye, I turn to my NARS Larger than Life liner and if I want a more clean, thin defined line I use my MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.

Look how dark and sooty that is! I am not a huge fan of the popular MAC black liner, Smolder. I feel that just smudges a bit too much. Feline has a bit more holding power - it's not waterproof or long-lasting but it doesn't budge as much!

I love this liner when I want a sexy, almost slept in smudged black lined eye with a nude lid. This is when I try to channel my inner Angelina Jolie. I love when she does the smudgy black lined eye without any noticeable shadows.

Feline makes an appearance now and then. So when it does, you have to move quickly because it tends to sell out. It made a superstar cameo appearance in Cindy Sherman's collaboration collection this past Fall. This is the first time I bought two pencils at the same time. I have been holding on to a pencil from 2yrs ago and it has dried out. I didn't have the heart to toss it. Until now!

Not quite Angelina like but it's a good attempt, nontheless!
I believe it's still offered online, however I was super lucky to find mine at the MAC store location at the Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, CA. It retails for $15/USD/0.05 oz.

Oh Feline, how could I ever be mad at you?

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