Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I HEART MAC: My Go-To Neutral Eye Shadows

You know those days when you don't want to put your makeup on but you have to because you'll scare anyone in your path? I turn to these shadows to help keep me presentable:

Woodwinked - antique gold, my lid color about 85% of the time.

(color is slightly off as I'm still learning how to adjust the color/exposure in my editing process)
Soba, soft golden brown - a strong workhorse that's my crease 90% of the time. I'm proud that I hit the pan it's like a badge of battlefield honor! I love this shade because it adds depth to an otherwise neutral eye and for dark charcoal smoky eyes this adds a bit of gradation between a dark liner, lid color and light, shimmery brow bone highlight.
And when all else fails, I turn to this unassuming shadow.

Arena, soft peach satin that I layer on top of a Paint Pot or use as a brow bone highlighter. This shade never disappoints and this is my second pan.

Here's my lineup:

(a true depiction of the colors on my NC42 arm)

Here's the obligatory EOTD shot using Woodwinked and Soba. I just realized that I didn't use Arena as my brow bone highlight shadow. Just trust me that it's magical!

Also used -  MAC Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil, GA Eyes to Kill mascara, Anastasia Brow Express for Eyes and Brows - Brunette. 

MAC Eye shadows retail $15/USD and $11.50 for a pan refill (for customized palettes - which I recommend!).


  1. I JUST promised my roommate I Wouldn't buy anymore neutrals but now I realllllly want to. Nooo! NEED soba!

  2. Hahahaha - yes, it's a very needed neutral crease shade!

  3. I have so much makeup... but absolutely no MAC eye shadows... I don't know why... I read the rave reviews about some cult shadows, never purchased any... mmmm I think I need to revisit MAC

  4. Hi Lucy,
    Yeah, there a few good workhorse shadows. You cannot go wrong with a few of their neutrals - I recommend making a personalized palette!

  5. i loveee the colors your using for your workhorse colors.. they're pretty neutrals but very warm and feminine!! so pretty!

  6. I KNEW soba was going to be in this post :)

    It's such a great practical-looking color. I haven't had the time to check it out in person. After seeing on FG@B a few times, my curiosity was piqued. That, and I love Soba noodles. It always comes back to food...

    Arena and Woodwinked also look really nice on you. Actually, it seems like golden/peachy tones flatter you in general (thinking of UD Smog here).

    On a side, note I see a bright pink next to Woodwinked. Wow!

  7. Great neutrals! And hitting pan is a good feeling right? I wish that when I first started buying MAC I would have bought a palette w/refills instead of sooo many singles. I know a lot of people depot theirs, which I should do one day...but haven't gotten around to it yet!

  8. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks! You can never go wrong with a good set of neutrals - you can wear any lip color!

    It's 'Da Bling' that's next to Woodwinked and it's not as bright as you'd think it would be, well not so much on me! Yes, it does come down to food and who wouldn't love a bowl of SOBA NOODLES....mmmm....noodles!

    Hey MM,
    I spent a lot of time depoting when my daughter was still an infant and I'd do it between her nap times. It was 'Mommy's art project' - I keep thinking about doing another palette to depot more singles but I think too hard on a color theme or if I should do a gradation flow. Yeah, I think way too hard about it!

  9. Really great picks. I literally have and love all three, especially Woodwinked. :)

  10. Hi JC,
    Yeah - you really can't go wrong with these colors!

  11. I have been wanting to try Woodwinked for so long. I want to hit pan with my current neutrals before I buy it. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Rola,
    This is a great one to add to the collection. It gives you an effortless sultry eye!