Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special Delivery!

YAY - this is one of my favorite packages receiving in the mail:

I snagged a bottle of one of the limited edition re-issued shade, ANNE

Gorgeous, isn't it? Anne is like a golden olive-brown with fine gold, pink glitter. This was from the Real Housewives of Tudor Fall 2010 collection. I passed this up the first time and I'm so glad I picked up when Ms. Ji Baek kindly brought it back for us RBL fanatics!

Now I just wished I picked up one of the Holiday shades. I guess I'll have to wait till those are brought back again. I'll be back with manicure photos.


  1. Yoyr description of the shade sounds lovely, I think I might well have to do a hunt for this shade now ;)

  2. Thanks Replica,
    It honestly is a lovely color. Is there a crazy fee for international shippig?

  3. Anne is so beautiful and unique! I think it is my favorite of the recently re-issued shades :)

  4. Hi Replica, Wow an additional $18 on top of the cost of a bottle? Yikes!

    Hi Makeup Magpie, you and I have the same taste in nail polish.