Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When I'm not buying Fancy Beauty Crap

I am buying Fancy FOODIE stuff because I like to pretend I'm a Foodie! In attempt of beating the flu, I walk to the SF Ferry building for some Beef Noodle soup, a.k.a. "glorified PHO" at Out the Door, the take-out sister restaurant of the famed, Slanted Door. Well I just can't help myself when I'm in this area, that is FOODIE PARADISE!

Like a Chanel or LV shopping bag this one seems to stop foot traffic when it's in plain view in my cubicle!

So what's inside?

Guanciale from Boccalone makes the best Carbonara sauce. What is guanciale? It's pork jowl - this one is not only salt cured but has also been cured with fresh rosemary and thyme, which adds earthy goodness! I love using this instead of bacon or pancetta in my carbonara because it is more dense and flavorful than pancetta (pork belly). My carbonara recipe is from the Boccalone site and I will say it's the easiest and best tasting one I've come across thus far.

I also bought cheese from Cowgirl Creamery - parmigiano-reggiano (for my carbonara) from Italy and a Manchego from Spain.

And lastly, some random French candy from the Miette Bakery. I believe the salted caramel chew (the big boy on the end) is made here in SF. The hard candy in the front is some type of Bergamont candy. I thought it was going to be super potent like some violet candies I have come across in the past. This one was surprisingly mellow. The one in that looks like a tube is some type of nougat encased in caramel - how is that bad? And the other is salt water taffy, lemon flavored. Yummy! I really don't know why I bought this candy because there's a bag full waiting for me and (Mr. Lex) at home.

I was going to buy a baguette or ciabatta from Acme Bread but there was a super long line and I didn't want to look like I spent all my weekends watching The Cooking Channel...which I do sometimes!

I wanted to snap a pic of my fancy beef noodle soup but I just couldn't wait to dive in, plus lukewarm noodle soup isn't good for anyone!


  1. I love the food in SF. It's to-die-for amazing. I was dying to try the slanted door a couple months ago when I was in SF but they were closed the day we went :( Another reason to go back! We went and ate at the bar at Gary Danko instead (which was the best place I've ever tried).

  2. Hi Sabrina!

    Yes, I do take this city for granted sometimes. It takes a stroll through the Ferry Building (and the Farmer's Market) to make me reappreciate it. Well there are a whole list of restaurants that make me happy to live in the Bay Area.

    Please try to come back to check out Slanted Door but if you really want to get a taste of what it's like - do try the Out the Door take out restaurant. There's a counter where you can eat and if it's a gorgeous day you can eat outside. The owner, Charles Phan has opened two more restaurants I've been dying to try: Heaven's Dog and Wo Hing General Store.

  3. I would love to try Gary Danko one day. Today I was in the Ferry Building with a co-worker getting the El Porteno's empanadas, so good! My friend was invited to the Wo Hing General Store's mock service before their grand opening last Friday. He liked the atmosphere, but he said be ready to pay premium prices for Chinese street-style food.

  4. Ahh I totally feel you - I actually think the pho at out the door is AMAZING and sooo good - the thick noodles are my favorite! I'm so sad they are temporarily closed at their Westfield location!

  5. Hi Rola,
    Yes, I need to go to Gary Danko also. I'd have to go w/out Mr. Lex - I think the tasting menu would be out of his taste zone! Because I pretty much paid $12 for fancy Pho soup - I'm ready to pay whatever they are asking for a dumpling.

    Hi Katherine,
    It's the broth - I don't know what's in it but it almost makes me forget about the yummy noodles and that beef! Are they remodeling the Westfield location? Yeah it needs to reopen. Have you gone to Heaven's Dog? I still need to check that place out!