Monday, May 30, 2011

Caught with my Khakis Down

No, not literally you pervs...I am referring to the Sephora by OPI Spring collection.

(sorry if my nails look messy, it was a home manicure!)

I like this shade - it's a creamy, army green. Actually, I would love a pair of khakis in this color - but as I learned from Michael Kors on Project Runway, it's not always good to be "MATCHY-MATCHY"

Yes, I spent most of the day watching a marathon of PR when it was still on Bravo - I miss those good ol'days!

I know this is not the shade one thinks of when you think of Spring/Summer nail colors. This is just one that I felt stood out the most for me. Please see the entire lineup here.

I am really liking this shade - I think I feel in love with the army green tips when I tried on my sister's bottle of RBL's Diddy Mow - from last Spring's collection. Please see the awesome pics here on the most awesome nail blogger, Scrangie.

On my NC 42 skin, it looks like a putty, greyish green.
Because this is an unexpected color, it'll look great with sultry summer outfits to add a bit of rugged edge.

Retail - $9.50 USD/0.5oz at Sephora stores now.


  1. Love this color - this is my favorite khaki green right now! :)

  2. Thanks Ms. Magpie,
    You are the reason why I bought it! I am thankful I did.