Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Filling in the Blanks

I once read in Vogue, back when she was still a makeup artist and budding actress, Debi Mazar never left the house without filling in her brows, "they are like punctuation marks on my face" and I couldn't agree more.
This was back in 1989 and I still feel this way now in 2011. I even lightly fill mine in when I go to the gym on the weekends (this is the only makeup I wear to the gym).

(Fierce with a capital FIERCE!)
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I've always been a fan of Debi's, she just embodies that cool art, club scene of NYC back in the 80's/90's. I even watch her Cooking Channel show, Extra Virgin - her husband is adorable. Who doesn't love an Italian accent? This isn't a dedication to her...well not entirely.

I perfect (well I try to get as close to perfection as possible) my eyebrows every morning with just two things:

MAC Espresso eyeshadow and #266 slanted brush. This is an older model because the second #266 I bought exclusively for eyelining is much thinner than my old brush. I have tried other brushes, like the NARS Brow Shader and I feel that it's much too small. I like the length and density of my #266 brush and plus, it's hard to break a habit that you've had for the past 15yrs.

I go from this:

(yes, the aid of an awesome waxer also helps!)
to this:

Okay I use 3 tools - an eyebrow brush just make sure hair is in place and blends the color nicely.

("muted, golden brown" - MAC site)

and swatched on my arm (NC42/NARS Syracuse for reference):

This is my perfect dark brown that looks natural - especially when my hair is black.

Truth be told, I have always been self-conscious about my fair, sparse brows especially because my natural hair color is so DARK! So my sophomore year in high school, I started darkening them in with those Maybelline wooden lining pencils - you know the ones that were sold by the pair and they were  painted red? They were marketed for both eyes and brows so I made the dreadful mistake of using BLACK! Oh so hideous and harsh. Also, I can always judge just how young I'm in a photo just by looking at how dark my eyebrows are drawn in.

So when I first started going to the MAC counter waaaaaaaaay back in 1994 - the kind M.A. did my brows with Espresso and the #266. I never strayed. I will only use a different shadow or pencil if I have my makeup done at another counter. Also, this is the only time I hit a pan of a shadow.

I remember the time I lost my #266 brush years ago....I was so heartbroken. So the one shown has been with me since.

Thanks Ms. Mazar for teaching me the importance of framing my face with great punctuation marks!


  1. OMG. I remember those red pencils. Did you light a match and heat up the lead in them? LOL. I recently changed my hair color and you are absolutely right. While my brows were filled in they didn't look right because the color didn't match my hair. Thank goodness for Anastasia Strawburn brow powder! Might I add that your Brows look awesome!!

  2. Ok. I am Iranian ... this is one tutorial I will never need, haha!

  3. I love extra virgin! Im not familiar with Debi's work before then, but I love seeing the Italian food on that show. I agree that brows are so important though. I haven't found the perfect brow routine and color . I've been using eyeshadow but I'm thinking of going back to pencil

  4. Ha Elvira - I do remember that method but I was always chicken shit to do it. I thought I'd burn myself if I lit my liner!

    Ha - love it! My little sister inherited our Dad's hairy European genes, therefore she never has to fill in her brows. She does have to regularly tweeze though!

    Debi has been in a lot of Spike Lee movies in the 90's and I just love her personality. This is your time to experiment and see what works for your brows. When you find it you'll never stray!