Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beauty Rewind 2/6

(I gotta get this teeshirt for my daughter)

I am not trying to think about Monday being just a few hours away. So the nachos I made and the beers I am drinking with my husband are helping - Superbowl Sunday. I am rooting for the Packers - I'm not from Green Bay or a true fan but I do know that quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is a NorCal boy that grew up rooting for the 49ers/Joe Montana and Steve Young so I gotta root for him! That halftime show was just awful - it like a Black Eye Peas mini-concert. Sorry but I'm not a huge fan of theirs and I was really pissed when I heard Fergie singing my favorite Guns n'Roses song, "Sweet Child O'Mine" - oh my ears just cried in pain.

Lucky for me I have a few blog posts to reflect on to keep my spirits high:

Jen from My Funny Valentine reviews a Korres Milk Cleanser and she just got a Clarisonic Mia (SO JEALOUS!!)

Sabrina reviews the NARS Gloss Pencil and of course I'm obsessing over them.

Elvira has me thinking about giving Clarins a chance or at least revisit their counter to check out this lipstick.

Karen has got me yearning to check out this NEW WORLD by NARS.

Rachael is a bit Distracted but still keeping it pretty.

As for moi...I support a cause!

Happy Sunday and I'll be watching the last 5mns of the Super Bowl drinking beer and scrounging around for more snacks.



  1. yey for Green Bay!! Have to confess I know nothing about American football but there's been loads of talk about the superbowl over here this year! p.s thank you for the mention :)

  2. Of course! I loved your EOTD - also, it reminds me that I still need to get that palette!

    Sorry if we were annoying over there with our impromtu American Football games this past Fall! The NFL will do anything to make more money. My husband is still teaching me the rules of the game.

    Also, I would love to learn more about Rugby!