Monday, February 7, 2011

In Your Satin Tights...Fighting For Your Rights

I didn't know much about Wonder Woman, the television series because I was about 4 yrs old during the last year of it's three year run. I knew the basics - she was an Amazon Princess, she had an alter ego - Diana Prince and she fought Nazi's and the title of this post is actually part of the Wonder Woman theme song.

She had awesome accessories - bullet deflecting bracelets, a boomerang headband, the lasso of truth and she drove around in an invisible jet. Then I started watching the Super Friends cartoon and learned a whole lot more about her:

That lasso of truth would have been handy on a few ex-boyfriends of my past! The actress that played her Lynda Carter was stunning and at 61, she still is! I just remember how much I wanted to look like her when I grew up.

Also, this will change when I got a little older and saw Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High...more on her another day!

Okay so what could drag me out of my warm home and make me miss story time with my mini-cupcake? I attended the MAC/Wonder Woman collaboration event at the PRO Store on Union Street, SF. It was a mad house - it took me an hour just to look for parking! The last time I attended one of these parties was for the Fafi collection about three years ago and I was pregnant.

I am so glad I wasn't pregnant at this event:

It was insane and I don't want to tell you how long I had to wait in line just to buy two items.

The JUMBO sized MSF Powders: Golden Lariat (top) and Pink Power (bottom). These bad boys are double the size to the standard MSF (20g/.70 oz vs 10g/.35 oz). The blushes are also a little bigger than the regular blushes (11g/0.38oz vs. 6.0g/01 oz) - colors: Amazon Princess (pink duo) on the left and Mighty Aphordite (the peachy coral on the right). With size comes with a price hike - Jumbo MSF is $35 and Jumbo blush $24.

(faint) Blush Swatches on NC42 skin:

(L to R: Amazon Princess duo, Mighty Aphrodite duo)

The palettes from top to bottom - Defiance (pink theme), Lady Justice (blue theme), Valiant (army green theme) ($40)
Opulashes: Black, Themyscira (blue), Army of Amazons (green), and Victorious (purple) - $15
Nail lacquers: Obey Me (true red cream)/Spirit of Truth (Navy blue cream)

Jumbo Lipglasses (10.5 g/0.37oz vs. 5g/.018 oz - $20):
Wonder Woman (bright red w/soft pearlized pigments), Limited Edition
Athena's Kiss (bright blue fuchsia), Limited Edition

Lipsticks ($15.50)
Russian Red (intense blue red - matte finish) - Permanent
Spitfire (Bright cream magenta - satin finish) - Limited Edition

Bright Fuchsia - bright magenta/Repromote
Marine Ultra - vivid marine blue/Repromote/Limited Edition (Permanent @ MAC Pro stores)

Lipglass (left to right) - Emanipation (pale neutral pink), Limited Edition
Secret Identity (mid-tone copper with soft pearlized pigments), Limited Edition

Lipsticks (left to right) - Marquise d' (sandy creamy peach)
Heroine (brown bronze)

Swatches L to R:
Marquise d' (sandy creamy peach - lustre finish) Re-introduction, limited edition
Heroine (brown bronze - frost finish) New, limited edition
Russian Red

For full color reviews please see Karen's review and her hilarious comic homage to Wonder Woman, herself. I wanted to swatch more colors but there was so many people in this store and just so much product, I was completely overwhelmed and my minor Adult A.D.D. just went into overdrive!!

Please meet the two hardest working men in the room that helped calmed my nerves:

This is Winston and he brought me these:

And Edward:
He brought me this:

(vodka, ginger and citrus)
and also this:

(vodka, strawberry, agave and ginger)
I wasn't completely smitten with this collection. I just felt that I have seen this all before. I even like the packaging.  I am a huge eyeliner girl and I wasn't pleased that the only eyeliner in this collection was the Jumbo sized Penultimate Eye Liner (black). Because I was somewhat underwhelmed I walked away with just two items:

Heroine lipstick and Golden Lariat MSF powder:

I am loving this MSF - I have used it all last week. I have a review on this coming soon. I still need to test this lipstick. I don't have the best luck with the Frost finish lipsticks so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this. I think the main reason I bought this shade was for sentimental reasons - it reminded me of a shade I wore when I was 24.

I had a Fetish moment:
Brown with copper shimmer - I probably worn this with Chestnut lipliner. And I'm sure my lips were lined heavily!

Is anyone else disturbed by this crotch shot of Wonder Woman on the lipstick box?

Just me, I guess.

Available online now.
US/Canada stores - February 10, 2011
International - March 2011


  1. you make me want to go and watch Super Friends! (instead of being at work LOL)

    Can't wait to see the lippy on you :)

  2. I was a Wonder Woman addict as a child, and TOTALLY, all-caps TOTALLY in love with Lynda Carter. The palette I bought was the pinkish one.

  3. Sarvi,
    I'm totally curious to see what that palette looks like on you.

    PS. I am still pissed that Megan Fox is cast for the role as the new Wonder Woman.