Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Days

I am a very simple girl. I am so easily entertained my husband considers himself lucky that he doesn't have to do much to raise a smile or laugh out of me. When I'm annoyed, that's another story - ask him about that.

That said it's the little things that keep me happy: new office supplies, my morning cup of coffee, riding the morning commute train with my husband, my daughter's laughter, hearing my favorite Van Halen song while running the track - Running with the Devil, baking a fresh batch of pecan bars that kills the work I did on the track and of course new makeup.

I introduce to you:
NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil, Happy Days.

It's a delightful peach color that is perfect for Spring/Summer. I have worn it recently in the rain with smoky eyes. It keeps me cheerful during this random SF storm we are currently experiencing. I say random because just this last weekend we had sunny skies and weather in the mid-upper 60's.

The name of the product is pretty self-explanatory. Honestly, I like the gloss tube and it doesn't require a sharpener like the pencil does. I am disappointed that this doesn't come with a sharpener because I had to buy one to accommodate the size of the gloss pencil. Also, if you line up the pencil with your glosses and/or lipstick you notice that it's on the long side.

Yes, I do realize it will shrink in size with constant sharpening if you are using this pencil regularly but then wouldn't the sharpener take up room in your makeup bag? Is that counter productive if you are trying to down size your makeup pouch? Okay, that was a rhetorical question. And speaking of sharpeners, I do love this one:

I love that with the little ring adapter it's like 3 sharpeners in one. I also like the lid - it feels sturdy. Actually a whole lot sturdier than the MAC one I own (I own 2).

Okay back to the gloss pencil. This made me reminisce of the Stila Lip Glaze pencil from four years ago. These NARS pencils were not scented like the Stila and I like this version more. I am sorry I cannot make a true comparison because I just tossed my old Lip Glaze pencil recently. But from what I do remembered the Stila pencil felt really thick, therefore I stopped using it.

I got a good 2 1/2 hours use of this pencil. Then again, I drink a lot of water and coffee in the mornings. Maybe I'd get a full three hours if I didn't? But that wouldn't realistic of me to refrain from such a thing. It is comfortable on my lips once the initial sting goes away. Yes, it is weird and I can't explain it but there is an initial sting once I apply it. It does go away and it really doesn't bother or make my lips itch. I really need to start researching ingredients!

Since my lips are naturally pigmented pretty dark - this isn't very vibrant on me:

I'll try this over a lip liner next time I wear it to the office. That may also help the color last. I do like that my lips feel moisturized the entire time I wear this before my next re-application. It has enough color that I can wear this on it's own on the weekends when I take my daughter to the playground and I just want some color.

(for reference I am a NC42/Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - Caramel)

I did a simple neutral eye and coral cheeks when I wore this to work.

I do want to go back to Sephora to get another (brighter) shade - maybe Club Mix or New Lover? But like I said I do prefer the gloss tubes so I can't see myself owning more than two. I am just glad that this doesn't make my lips cry the next morning after just one day of use.

This is how it makes me feel:

For comparison, please check out Sabrina's review. She is a few shades lighter than me and she also has an awesome pucker!

Retail price - $24
Available at all departments counters carrying the NARS line. I purchased mine from Sephora.

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