Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Window Shopping...Anthropologie

Once upon a time, I had design dreams - huge design dreams. I even attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in SF right after graduation ('92) and I attended in the following Fall. I wanted to be the next Isaac Mizrahi, Todd Oldham (I miss fun, whimsical clothes), Anna Sui or Betsey Johnson.

It was not meant to be - I was a horrible sketcher and my patterns were always about an 1/8th off. I never slept because I was constantly stressed out. I did love draping the fabric on my dress form. I got an A in my Color Theory class and when I studied Fashion History I was awesome. I only lasted one quarter before dropping out. I don't regret it because I probably would have ended up with an amphetamine problem and stabbing my illustration instructor with my drafting pencil! I ended up taking a bunch of Fashion Merchandising courses at a community college in the following Spring.

One of the classes I took (and did great in) was Visual Display. I didn't pursue that because of my fear of heights and the thought of standing on top of a ladder at 10 ft is scary. You can imagine how I feel thinking about setting up a very tall Christmas tree display at a high end department store - no thanks! I have an appreciation for great window displays and merchandising in a store. Take a look at this recent display at Anthropologie:

I love this it looks like a vest made out of old Butterick or McCall's patterns.

Here's another view of the display:

So the dress is made of draped fabric and bunched up patterns to look like flowers.

Close up:

It just reminds me of when I was very young and optimistic with big Fashion Industry dreams.

Below are just a few items I am lusting over in the store. Surprisingly, the items are from the home section.

I love Turtles!!

I like that this Italian cookbook looks like it would have been passed down to me from my Grandmother, if I were Italian.

Or my pretend Italian grandmother could have given me this book!

Marie-Antoinette inspired plates.

I love this pitcher from some reason. I would buy a juicer just so I could serve fresh orange juice from it for weekend brunches.

Loving this crystal punch dispenser. I am not sure if it's for sale but I was imagining the parties I would host just so I would have an excuse to make all kinds of different (adult) punches!

Maybe I could find a punch recipe in this book!

These plates would make my weekend bagel and cream cheese breakfast seem decadent.

I want this antique ring holders.

Aerial view:

I believe they are porcelain dishes and the base is lacquer.

I guess I should go back and focus on the clothes and shoes. I always get distracted by their cute housewares and bedding. Anthropolgie is one of those stores that just inspires me. I can't afford a whole lot for the clothes and shoes but I take the vibe they give and I try to replicate it with less expensive apparel/shoes that I find at H&M.

Even the dessert plates I buy from this place has to be on sale because if I'm not careful I can blow my cable bill money on a set of darling drinking glasses!
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