Monday, February 28, 2011

A Real Class Act

We live in a world of Real Housewives, Beyonce, Gaga, Nicki Minaj and the Jersey Shore girls. Yes, I admit I have indulged and checked out each one for pure entertainment.

But will these ladies truly last?

I would like to share my daily inspiration and beauty motivator that stands the test of time then, now and forever:

Helen Folasade Adu
1959 Nigeria - raised in London

Simply known as Sade

I have been a fan since 1984 - the first time I heard Smooth Operator. I didn't know what that song was about at the time but I was truly mesmerized by her smooth, slightly raspy voice, jazzy sound and her beautiful red lips.

She wasn't Madonna or Cyndi Lauper - she was sleek, exotic, fashionable and seductive. I wanted to be her. Plus she had dark hair and features - something attainable for a 9 yr. old girl at the time that was used to seeing blond haired singers and actresses most of the time.

I would like to share my top 5 favorite Sade videos. This is also how I learned about the director Sophie Mullens. Ms. Mullens directed most of Sade's videos and I find them stylish - like I'm watching a fashion editorial come to life.

This was a very hard choice because I love them all. In fact, 15 yrs ago I owned a collection of her videos on VHS - yes, I am OLD. I would play this video while I cleaned the house, was in a bad mood or I just wanted to watch some of my favorite videos, this would do the trick.

Watching these videos/hearing these songs also cures my "CASE OF THE MONDAYS!"

Again, this was just a difficult choice because I love pretty much every video she's ever done - I just wanted to feature a progression of her looks. She is classic in every sense of the word.

When Am I Going to Make a Living:

Sweetest Taboo:

Nothing Can Come Between Us:

King of Sorrow:

(this song is so depressing and beautiful at the same time)


(only Sade can make Jello making look so appealing)

Two other mentionable shout-outs:
The song that made me a fan - Smooth Operator, Live '93

and the song that always makes me think of my boo:

I'm always on the verge of tears when I hear this song.

That's what I love about Sade - she's so personal. When she sings you feel like she's singing just to you - she feels exactly what you feel and vice versa. That is also how she performs. I have been lucky enough to see her perform live twice in 1993 and 2001 - she doesn't perform very much. Shoot, she's only recorded 6 albums in her 27 yr. career. When she performs it is such an intimate experience - it could be at an ampitheater but she makes it feel like a small jazz club in an alley in the most metropolitan city.

I will always love and admire her, despite her DUI wrap sheets. She'll always be in my heart, feel my pain and describe exactly the way I feel about my husband when I just don't know what to say.

She's also one of the Sexiest women in the world! She's the top of my "girl-crush" list followed by Christy Turlington and then Penelope Cruz.

Yes there was a time I rocked a slick back ponytail (to show off my big forehead), gold hoops and bold red lips. It is one of my favorite looks - personally.

(Personally one of the best backing bands - they helped create her sound)

 Seriously, I would love to look like this now at 36. Well hopefully, I'll be half way there when I'm 51.

I am planning to see her live in Oakland, CA this August w/John Legend. It should be an awesome show - I probably should stop obsessing over new lipsticks for a few months so I can get the Baller seats in the front!


  1. Wow she grows more beautiful with age. I love Smooth Operator!

  2. hey theformergirlatbar! this is your neighborhood chanel expert (i'll let you guess who it is).

    well said! sade is always so super classy.

    did you see penelope cruz at the oscars? i loved her even before she hit it big in the u.s. (i was living in spain in the late '90s). i remember when she was the face of ralph lauren. i tried to snag almost every magazine that had the campaign.

  3. @Emily, I couldn't agree more!

    @warrior, yay - you're here! I can't wait to chat more with you! Yes, I loved Penlope's look at the Oscars. She was stunning and just had a baby - I wished I looked like that now hahaha.
    I try to watch most of her Spanish films - love her collaborations with Almodovar. I LOVE Spain - I hope to return sometime soon!