Friday, February 11, 2011

Golden Lariat MSF

Hi there,
I have been slacking - usually when I buy something I try not to take too long to review it. Sometimes I fail - yes, I know...I still have an American Apparel nail polish I need to talk about. I think I wanted to take my time and really give this JUMBO trio MSF a chance.

In this sea of crazy MAC enthusiastic women (and some guys) I was able to steal five minutes from one of the makeup artists on the floor. I asked him if I were to faced to choose between the MSF powder and the blush duo - he told me the MSF. The reason being was I'd get three products in one.

I didn't get his name or what store he normally worked at and that makes me sad because I want to thank him. He was right - I have been using this the entire week and a half.

Yes, I will be keeping this big boy.
Look how it compares to my regular sized Stereo Rose MSF.

Here's my swatch line up - sorry if it's hard to detect

L to R:
Coral, Bronze, Gold and all three colors swirled together

This was last weekend - I wore Golden Lariat over my LM tinted moisturizer, Caramel. My brows done, a little MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood on my lids, mascara and Chanel Glossimer in Water Lily.

And here I paired it with smoky taupe/charcoal eyes and sheer grape lips. I actually swirled all three colors together and applied it lightly to the apples of my cheeks and up to my temples like a blush.

It's pretty versatile and that's a big WIN for me!

It does what it's suppose to - makes my skin glow. I can see myself using this all the way into Summer. Maybe I should make it my personal goal to hit the pan on this with my blush brush and not just by dropping it. Sadly, I lost my Chez Chez Lame highlighter by dropping it for the second time. I still can't part with it though!

MAC is very hit or miss for me. When it's love it's huge and all I can think about is what I'm going to pair with it and will my outfit match as I fall asleep the night before. But when it's a fail all I can think about is - how soon can I return this and where did I put that receipt?


  1. It's huge!

    and it looks really good too. WIN!

  2. Love how much product you get in this & how summery the colours are. This will definitely be on my wonder woman shopping list when it arrives in the uk *taps foot impatiently*

  3. Yeah this sucker costs $35USD (roughly $10-11 more?) but you do get double the amount. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  4. I JUST NOW discovered the Wonder Woman line at MAC. I went in to exchange old makeup containers and I confess, I bought an eyeshadow palette strictly for the box. I have no idea if it will work on me.

  5. HAHA - it's okay Sarvi. Sometimes that is reason enough!