Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Minute Face

I really tried to challenge myself to do my entire face in 5 minutes. Unless I just came from the gym locker room on a Saturday, I don't see this happening on a regular work day morning.

I did get really close, I accomplished it in 7 minutes.

Here is what I used:

LM Oil Free Primer
LM Tinted Moisturizer mixed with a drop of NARS Copocabana Illuminator for a bit of radiance
NARS (Coral) Gilda blush

MAC Espresso shadow/#266 brush for brows
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner - Birthday Suit
UD 24/7 Eyeliner - Underground (smudged with MAC #219 pencil brush - lower lash line only)
Dior Extase mascara

Rouge Coco Shine - Rebelle (orange/red)

Not too bad:

After looking at this picture, I realized I could stand use some under eye concealor.

But that would have pushed me to the 8 minute mark!

What's the fastest time you can get your entire face ready? Aside from walking outside bare faced!


  1. That's a great quickie look! I haven't timed myself.. but a full face that I'm happy with would prob take at least 8mins

  2. Thanks Jen - this only works when you have an idea what you can grab in minutes. This is not the time to experiment. haha!

  3. u look fabulous lexi! 7 minutes?? makeup routine takes 40 guess i talk/text/facebook while i am trying to doll up..the shortest time ever was 10 minutes and i had to skip eyeshadow, mascara,concealer and brow pencil altogether!
    recently there was an article in Glamour titled "perfect 4- minute makeup"..which in my humble opinion is bogus.they use moisturizer,concealer (twice), 2 different foundation sticks, three eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and they even buff the models lips with a damp washcloth to apply lip balm before lipstick and lipgloss.and they set everything with translucent powder..all this in 4 minutes!