Friday, April 29, 2011

Testing out a new MAC Lipstick Formula...

Happy Friday.

I did not stay up late to watch the event of the year - The Royal Wedding. Like the other lazy people in the world, I watched the highlights this morning and browsed online. Kate Middleton looked as any other woman does on her wedding day - like a Princess!
(good luck you crazy kids!)
Photo source:
AP Associated Press

Okay moving on....I decided to press my luck with a MAC lipstick. As you know, I have super SENSITIVE lips and most MAC lipstick formulas do not play well with my lips. So far I have the best luck with the Lustre formula.

I decided to take the new Sheen Supreme formula for a trial spin. These replace the former Slimshine sheers. It applies very easily and it's looks exactly as it is described - pigmented as a lipstick with the sheen of a lipglass. I am just thankful it's not as sticky as a traditional lipglass!

I wanted to take a break from the corals and pink/nude beiges that I wear so often. I chose a deep, blue plum.

(Quite the Thing! on my NC42 arm)
 I get about 2 1/2-3 hours of wear time - pretty decent. I like the amount of pigment on my lips - if I want more of a color impact I plan on pairing this with MAC Beet Lip Pencil (bright reddish-pink). But for work, I like it as is on my lips:

It's nice and wakes my face up.

Especially when I pair it with NARS Desire (cotton candy pink) blush.

So the next morning, I am sad to report I experience some rawness. Fortunately, my lips were not peeling but it is a sign that I cannot wear this continuously. But I will keep this one on rotation.

My final assessment - I am planning on picking one up in nude beige color, naturally!

Retail - $14.50 USD

Picked up at Macy's, Daly City - my least favorite MAC counter. FYI - please work on your customer service skills!

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