Friday, April 15, 2011

What's at the Bottom of My Makeup Pouch?

In attempt to utilize all the beauty loot I have, I developed a new game - "What's at the bottom of my makeup pouch?"

In all honesty, I have one large pouch filled with lipsticks, another large bag filled with blushes, one filled w/glosses, one for shadows, a makeup case filled with more shadows and random samples - you get the point.

I HAVE A LOT OF MAKEUP! I know, I get it!

This is not a self-imposed ban or intervention, just an exercise to get me to use more of what I already have. So I picked this lipstick this morning and I forgot how much I like it. And it sets the tone for a Spring look.

MAC's Syrup - described as a cloudy, pink.

I paired it with MAC's Plum lip pencil (reddish plum) and Plushglass in Ample Pink (full soft rose)

L to R:
MAC Plum Lip Pencil
Syrup - Lustre Finish Lipstick
MAC Plushglass - Ample pink (sheer soft rose)

I am still going strong with the plummy shades. Instead of the red plum of Burberry's Prune - I am going with a pinkish plum with today's lip look.

(NC 42 for reference)

I have been doing my lips first lately to help inspire the rest of the colors for my face. You ever build a whole outfit just based on a pair of shoes?

Yeah, this is kind of like that idea.

I wanted a fresh eye so instead of a black liquid line - I went with a blue, MAC's Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in Signature Blue. And I kept the rest of the lid pretty neutral with MAC PP in Groundwork on the entire lid to browbone, the hazelnut/gold shade of NARS Hula Hula layered on top of lid (only) and Burberry's Rosewood in the crease. Then followed with lots of layers of Dior Extase black mascara.

Face - LM Tinted Moisturizer (caramel)with a drop of NARS Copacabana Illuminator mixed together (my new favorite way to wear this illuminator). Edward Bess bronzer (Daydream) and a touch of NARS Cream Blush (lokoum).

This should have taken me no longer than 10mns but I was finding a whole bunch of stuff I haven't used in a while. I really need to take an inventory of what I own.

Final Assessment - an itemized list isn't that crazy of an idea if it will help me see what I own.

Happy Friday....FYI

Sephora's VIB discount sale starts today (4/15-4/21)...
Online code: CHICWEEK.
15% off all orders and in stores with a coupon. Sorry, I don't have link to instore coupon.

Yeah just what I need - more makeup.


  1. I think I want Syrup even though I'm trying to ease up on buying MAC lip products. It'll have to wait until after the No-Buy period of course!

  2. You're more than welcome to try mine before buying.