Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to IGNITE at work...

Taking full advantage of the VIB sale at Sephora, not only did I decide to load up on my favorites - another NARS blush and a multiple but purchasing brands I normally never buy, ie. Laura Mercier haul and today's lipstick - Illmasqua's Ignite.

Yet again I was influenced by the lovely Jen at My Funny Valentine. But I have yet to concoct my own skincare. Out of sheer laziness and the general fact that I really sucked in chemistry class I prefer to "ooh and ahhh" over her homemade beauty chemistry posts!

I really love orangey-reds on her, I think she's about two shades lighter than I am. But because I am still working the nerve to wear a full on orange lip - I have found away to make it more wearble at the office, aside from wearing a tangerine gloss.

(Tangerine-red on NC 42 skin)

I remembered the advice I got from a Burberry M.A. - "use your finger to pick up the color and just pat on your lip for a softer look". Well it worked very nicely! It gave me a soft, workable tangerine stain. The natural dark tint of my lips gave it a deeper color - me likey!

This lipstick is described as matte but it's anything but that. From my horrors of matte lipstick, drying and accentuating the flakiness on my lips, this goes on like a satin finish and dries down so comfortably. Then again I applied this on top of a lip balm for good measure.

I kept my makeup super simple - Rosegold (NARS Nepal) shadow on top of my my UD primer in Greed (sparkly gold) and lined with soft walnut brown liner - LM Caviar Eye Liner in Chestnut and lots of black mascara (Dior Extase).

And of course my favorite coral blush - NARS Gilda and a swipe of the Multiple in South Beach (rich bronze). Also used tinted moisturizer - LM Caramel.

I am loving this lipstick - thanks JEN!!


  1. See I really love orange lips, it's the hot pinks that scare me o3o lol What I do to make the color a little softer is pair it with a lip-balm. That kinda mutes the color for me. There's something about oranges that just screams warm weather :)



  2. Hi Beatrice,
    I couldn't agree more with you. The average office girl can't really rock a bright lip at the office so lip balm makes it easier.

    I am also loving bronze glosses lately, too!