Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rebelle and Sari D'Eau Rouge Coco Lipshines - First Glance...

A couple of weeks ago I swatched a few of my picks for the new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks - a very hydrating, sheer lipshine. April 6th was the official launch date (here in the States) and of course I picked up two tubes that I knew was going to look good with my skin tone. I tried the Aqualumiere formula (it's predecessor) and it actually made my lips raw and itchy after each use so I had a slight hesitation trying this lipstick.

So far I'm pretty happy.

(Top Sari D'Eau - Bottom Rebelle - NC 42 in Natural Sunlight)
 Here's a few pics to compare the size of the regular sized Rouge Coco vs. the new lipshines:

(RCS Left - Regular RC Right)

(L to R: Sari D'Eau, Rebelle)

Sari D'Eau

Sari D'Eau is a lovely orangey-coral shimmer that I can't wait to wear with a heavy black lined eye and I love it paired with my NARS Gilda (coral) blush. This will also pair well with gold/bronze shadows.

A lovely red with an orange backbone. Again, I will wear this with a black lined eye and instead of a coral blush I will probably lean toward a more red blush (MAC Movie Star Red CCB) or a raspberry with a gold shimmer (NARS Lokoum cream blush). I am also curious to see how this would look layered on top of MAC's Redd liner (orangey red).

Again I have high hopes. Initially, it goes on with lots of slip - pretty sheer. You need at least two layers on its own and do use a liner if you want more of an impact. It does feel pretty hydrating - tested it at the mall while taking my daughter to take a picture with the Easter bunny. I had it on for at least 3hrs and it felt very comfortable on my lips even after it set and dried. I didn't get a chance to see how much pigment was left so I can't comment on color wear time.

I will be back with a follow up after I spend a few days with each color. Who knows, I may even pick up another tube by then!

Retail - $32 USD

Bonus Picture:

(Apparently she was more interested in her movie, "Tangled" than sitting next to a guy in a bunny suit!)


  1. They both look so pretty. Want the Sari D'eau badly...

    your little girl is so adorable!

  2. Hi Jen,
    Thanks she's a bit of handful but I love it!

    You will love Sari D'Eau - it's a very easy coral shade to wear. I can see myself wearing this especially on the weekends right freshly showered from the gym. It's effortless and pretty.

    Sad to say, my lips were a little dry after a full day of use this morning. BOO - still praying this is going to work better than the Bobbi Brown/Dior gloss sticks from last year.

  3. Hi,
    I love the bonus picture, she is so cute!
    Lovely colours you picked up. I wonder what it was in the Aqualumiere formula that gave a lip reaction, would be good to now so that you could avoid it in future x

  4. Hey there,
    Thanks! I have no idea - I realize I need to get off my lazy butt and start documenting the ingredients of my lipsticks/glosses.

    I am planning to go back and picking up Biarritz since I now have a good surplus of coral/orange red glosses!