Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gold Dust Woman

Traditional Summers here in SF is a bit of a joke. The morning can start anywhere from 60-65 degrees...afternoon can climb to 68-70 degrees and when I'm ready to leave the office to catch that last hours of the Summer sun the weather is back to 60 degreees! Yes, it is annoying but us locals have mastered the art of layering.

If I want the feeling of eternal sunshine in my heart I turn to this lady:

(I would wear those peep toe clog heels now!)
  Ms. Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks

She grew up in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and yes, the San Francisco Bay Area. As much as I do appreciate the group Fleetwood Mac, I have to tell you honestly my favorite tracks are the ones that Stevie sings lead on. She takes you on a journey and her voice can just haunt you. I am also a fan of her solo work.

Yes, I am still trying to pretend that Lindsay Lohan never remade, "Edge of Seventeen" and I'm trying to forget the duet she sang with Taylor Swift on last year's Grammys - "Rhiannon"

I really love this 70's Southern California Bohemian look. It's like she was hanging out at the beach in bare feet during the day and then slips on a pair of sexy cognac leather platform sandals and goes to a party or dinner. She is even featured as a style reference in The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style (2008)

Here are just a few accessories I'm craving to help me nourish my inner-Stevie.

(Frye - Fran Wood T-strap $228/USD)

(Hive and Honey Brass Bracelet stack - $32)

(Kenneth Cole New York - $45)
I think my love of Turquoise came from playing with my mother's jewelry. I lost one of her rings from the early 70's and yes, she's still pissed at me.

My sisters and I all have our favorite Fleetwood Mac songs that feature Stevie singing lead:

For my sister Tatiana:

For my sister Kim:

As for myself - I will always have these two songs on continous rotation:

Edge of Seventeen

I now have an urge to twirl around in a white silk cape. I'm sure it'll go well here in the office!

Bonus clip:

Jack Black and Joan Cusak in School of Rock.


  1. Could you imagine what it was like living on Venice Beach or Malibu in the 70s? Oh to be that bohemian girl in a long peasant skirt, scarf on your head, bangles jingling on your wrists, flirting with surfer boys and long haired, beared hippy rockers. Salt air in your hair and sand between your toes. I think Stevie's look may be a bit too much for me but in touches, it really is quite gothically romantic and unique to her, which I love.

  2. I agree. You know as much as I love the style of the late 50's/early 60's. There's something to be said of the early 70's, pre-Studio 54 look. It's the rich bohemian vibe that I'm a total fan of. Aside from her awesome voice Stevie just rocks that ecclectic, worldly hippie vibe like no other.