Thursday, April 14, 2011

Burberry Prune

I realize this is not a new color from the Burberry Cosmetic line but from all the peach and orangey-red lipsticks/glosses I have been testing I am now craving to wear something with a bit more of a backbone - deep but not vampy dark or bright for the office.

I went with a classic shade from a forgotten tube found at the bottom of my lipstick pouch.

(NC 42)
Burberry Prune No. 14 Lip Cover (red-plum shade).

I apologize for the sloppy looking lip swatch. I had to use my right hand swiping this on my left wrist. It's hard to do when your a lefty.

As you can see it's pretty opaque. Although, this is a pretty heavy swatch. This lasts about 3 on me - about the time I will reapply because I feel like my lips are dry. This does not dry your lips. Once it settles it does feel comfortable and you are left with a pretty red wine like stain. Since I am regular gloss girl, I am use to a glossy feel on my lips. Also, this does not settle in the lines of my lips like most sheers do (ROUGE COCO SHINE, sadly). It has a light scent that makes me think of a luxurious skin cream. It's pleasant and doesn't linger too long. I also don't need to tell you how cool the packaging is, either.

This color may turn more red - depending on your own individual skin tone but on me it pulls a lovely red plum shade. But if I apply heavier it becomes raisin.

My final assessment - NEED to add more shades to my collection. I only own this and universally flattering Rosewood.

(yes, I am wearing my bathrobe in this pic)

Retail - $30 USD at Nordstrom or online.


  1. I need to get a Burberry lipstick!!! I have 3 eyeshadows, including Rosewood and they are my favourite! Prune looks lovely on you!

  2. Thank you Tracy.

    Yes, it is a lovely formula. I feel guilty this fell under my radar - it's not at my local Nordstrom so I really have to make effort to visit this counter.

    That said, I need to pick up a new Spring lipstick/gloss! As well as a blush and another shadow.