Monday, April 25, 2011


Not that famous champagne and orange juice beverage you pound in the morning - pretty much the acceptable and fancy option to get wasted well before noon.

I tried out Chanel's latest polish offering, Mimosa - a bright, minimal shimmer, tweety bird kind of yellow. I was really skeptical because the only yellow polishes I am use to seeing are the 80's revival neon polishes. My Chanel M.A. - the delightful Ms. M has been calling me to let me know that this yellow will not disappoint me. She knows me so well and she knows I have a weakness for anything Chanel. So I made a point to make an appearance and play with the new Summer collection.

(Mimosa on NC 42 skin)

As you can see only Chanel can put out a chic Yellow polish that isn't Taxi neon yellow!

But if you closer you'll see that even after 3 coats there's major streaking.

(I apologize for the raggedy appearance of my cuticle)
 I do realize that I literally slapped this on at the counter but it gave me an indication that this is a high maintenance color. I would have to have a nail technician apply on me at my next manicure.

Lately, I have been trying to do my own polish to save some money and I guess buying a $25 nail polish really wouldn't help my cause either.

The Verdict:
A personal pass...pretty color, yes but not worth (my time and money). I say if you are a serious collector or want to really highlight tan or fair skin do pick this one up!

$25 at all Department Stores carrying the Chanel cosmetic line.


  1. The color is beautiful, but I don't know how I could justify the $25 price tag that came with it.... @3@

    But one thing about bright/neon colors, it really does make you look more tan, this coming from miss EXTREMELY pale over here lol


  2. I tried this one on at the counter and also the pink one from this collection. I passed on both although I was tempted! Mimosa is a cute color but I'll probably make do with a drugstore brand yellow :)

  3. Beatrice,
    Agreed - it's a steep price tag. This is for the collectors. However, this is a shade that is great for either those that are tan and/the other side of the spectrum - fair. You need some skin color contrast with this color.

    The streakiness really threw me off. I may have to go your route and look to the drugstores/Ulta.