Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks Satisfies My Short-Term Cravings!

So I find myself at Ulta last Monday morning (President's Day Holiday in the States) as my car is getting fitted with new tires. I guess that flat tire Saturday was truly a blessing in disguise. I love that my husband found a Firestone shop that was walking distance to Ulta - "You can walk to Ulta while you wait!"


I walk in there and who do I see? I see my sister, Kim - makeup shopping is the BEST with your sister or BFF. Husbands, Boyfriends, cranky babies - not so much.

So as she was off debating whether or not to buy the UD 24/7 glide pencil anniversary set (she held off) I was browsing the NYX collection. I was always curious about their Round Lipsticks. My sister, Tatiana shares my same lip affliction so if she tells me a lipstick is good to her lips then I'M LISTENING!! She owns a lipstick and she claimed that it felt fine on her lips.

And for just $3.99 I am all ears! I also tore out an Ulta coupon out of the latest InStyle magazine - $3.50 off a $10 purchase** (there are restrictions, of course). Recently, I spotted a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon at Ulta in the March issue of Allure. There are restrictions of course...don't forget to read that fine line!

Here's what I picked up:

L to R:
Eros, a fiery red that has a bit of a gold sheen - it looks orange in the tube.
Chloe, a cool fuchsia that leans a bit on the red side with a bluish iridescence

(NC 42 skin tone)

L to R:

I paired Chloe w/MAC Soar lip liner to tone down the fuchsia a bit for work.

Eros manages to dress up my hooded sweatshirt. Ah the beauty of photo sessions in my bathroom!

For $3.99 it really pigmented with a lot of slip. It feels moisturizing - I get about 2.5 hours (3 if I'm not doing too much water or coffee drinking) wear time. The next morning I did feel a bit of rawness on the top line of my lips. It's okay since it's such an inexpensive buy. I will have these on reserve for date nights or girl's night out - I don't see myself wearing these to work. Also, the colors I bought were influenced by the current Spring trends I am seeing in the magazines. I know I am not going to wear these again past Summer but maybe here and there in Winter.

NYX Round Lipsticks are a great buy if you want a color that's purely seasonal or for just a special occassion. I did find some great nude pinks I can see myself pairing with a smoky eye for work. I just have to go back and pick one up. The way my lips felt after one day of wear pretty much tells me that I shouldn't invest too much to collect all the colors.

Yes, $3.99 is a great price for a great pigmented lipstick but not worth the raw, itchy peeling the next few days after wearing for a few days. But I am willing to give it another shot!

I purchased my lipsticks at my local Ulta store.

or you can find NYX online:


  1. I love NYX lippies and these are fab colours. Especially love chloe on you - you wear brights so well! x

  2. Thank you Rachael - you are TOO KIND!

    Yeah, NXY is that brand I have ignored for way too long. The awesome thing is that they have so many colors for a fraction of the price it's hard NOT to walk away with just one lipstick or gloss! How are the glosses by the way?

  3. Thanks for the "sister" shout out... it was AWESOME that I randomly ran into you that day! Yes, makeup shopping with sisters(or BFFs) is certainly the BEST ever! I'm glad you were there to help finalize my purchases! I'm sad I had to refrain from buying the UD 24/7 glide pencil anniversary set, but happy that I at least got the UD 24/7 glide pencil in Rockstar. I also loved the hot pink/fusia-ish China Glaze nail polish I got. (I just wish it would've lasted longer than 2 days before it chipped). I think I'm going to have to try the NXY lipstick/gloss after your review. They looked great on you, and at $3.99 it's definitely worth a try! Looking forward to our next beauty product rendezvous! :-)

  4. Hi Sister! We'll have to bring Tiana w/us for a full on sister makeup shopping day! I want to try a gloss this time!