Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - My NC40-42 Picks

Hi there,
I know this an interruption from the week of reviews I had planned but I received a call from one of my favorite people - my Chanel counter manager go-to gal, Margaret - to let me know that finally the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine collection came in. As you know this replaces the Aqualumiere lipstick formula.

(Love the pic of Vanessa Paradis)

I apologize now because I couldn't get the best shots (with my Droid phone) of my arm swatches. I thought I'd go straight to the shades I think would look great on NC40-42 skin tones.

The packaging looks like a taller and thinner version of the Rouge Coco lipstick.

L to R:
Liberte (Sheer Apricot)
Rebelle (Orange Red)
Sari D'Eau (Coral Shimmer)

on my NC 42 arm:
Sari D'Eau

I will be returning for Rebelle - I tried to take a pic of it on me but unfortunately it didn't come out very well. Once I pick it up I will post of picture of it!

Some other pics:

L to R:
Monte Carlo (Pink Red)
Bel-Ami (Plum Brown)

L to R:
Bonheur (Berry Plum)
Biarritz (Coppered Beige)

Fortunately this picture came out nice - it was taken in my bathroom. This is Bonheur, a very comfortable berry plum that I could wear to the office effortlessly.

My initial thoughts: It's definitely sheer. The swatches I captured on my arm were about a good 3-4 swipes on my arm. On my lips I had to apply from the tube on my bottom and top lip then I blended both lips together. It has a light rose scent, which I expected from Chanel lipsticks. It has lots of slip and felt very comfortable. I couldn't accurately judge how long the color lasts but I will say I kept in on my lips for a good hour and a half easily but my night time cup of tea swiped it off my lips. It did leave a nice shimmery plum stain on my lips.

My final assessment: I will return for Rebelle and Bonheur. However, I still need to test out Biarritz (copper beige).

I was really excited to swatch Boy, that was released early on a limited basis, but it was a bit too light for me to take a picture. I'll have to try it on next time.

Side note:
I am not saying that these colors won't work for complexions lighter than mine, I'm sure they'll look fabulous - if anything it may be a brighter for lighter skin tones. I picked these based around my complexion and a step below, hence the NC 40 reference.

This was taken at my local Nordstrom, SF
Retail price $32 USD

This collection is permanent so I'm not worried about waiting till next pay day to pick one up.

Here's a list of the colors:


  1. Pretty pretty!

    I'm going to pick up a few but like you I'm not in any rush because it's permanent

  2. Oooh, thank you for posting these swatches, can't wait to get my hands on some of these! Great pics ;)

  3. @ Jen - you rock a fierce orangey-red, I bet Rebelle would look awesome on you.

    @ Anon - thanks for stopping by! Yes, but luckily there are permanent so you can take your time and really decide which color you love. They are pretty in person.