Monday, May 9, 2011

Desire and a Booze Review (yay)...

Hey Sweets!
I hope you either had a wonderful Mother's Day or you spent it with a Mother. And if you don't celebrate this Hallmark holiday then I hope you had a lovely weekend.

First, I want to quickly share my new BRIGHT pink blush that makes me smile when I look at it.

Desire blush by NARS (no surprise there, I know).

I realize in the pan - it's almost a scary, bright PINK but relax. It is described on the NARS site as, "cotton candy pink"...mmm...I love carney food, don't you?

This is a heavy swatch on my NC 42 skin.

And here it is applied with complete blush brush control:

It's a lovely raspberry flush. This is the pink I have been looking for. The flush has stayed with me even after a sweaty cardio class during my lunch break. I'm sure the intense workout increased the blood flow but after my body has cooled down and I no longer look like a sweaty mess I still have a pop of pink on my cheeks. I guess I should also attribute that to my LM oil-free primer for keeping my face melt-free.

My final assessment - why did it take me this long to buy this blush? Luckily it's part of the permanent line so you have time if you're still on the fence. Honestly, this works across the board for skin tones. My favorite NARS M.A. has the lovely complexion of a young, fair maiden/Snow White clone (dark hair/fair skin) and this looks just as sweet on her as it does on my tan, Filipino/Dutch Indonesian complexion.

Excuse the 'fair maiden' reference, clearly I'm watching too much Game of Thrones on HBO. I am loving that show!

$27 USD
I purchased this at Sephora but this is also available at department stores that carry the NARS line. This is also available online. Free shipping with a purchase over $25!

So quickly onto Mother's Day brunch. The hubs, mini-cupcake and I enjoyed a semi-fancy lunch at a chic little French spot, Chez Spencer. If you are familiar with the food truck race show on Food Network last season, this restaurant had the food truck, Spencer to Go. Since they were representing two things I hold dear to my heart: San Francisco and French food, they had my vote! They came in third place. Oh well.

So here's my Mama's Day meal:
Mushroom tartine with poached egg but take a look at the lovely cocktail above it.

Why have a champagne cocktail when you can have a gin cocktail named La Parisienne? It contains Nolet Gin, Noilly Prat (dry vermouth), Cassis (blackcurrant liquer), and a lemon twist. Now, I love a good martini and this sounds like it's a sweet version of a gin martini. The problem I had is that the scent through me off. I love cassis in kir royale champagne cocktails but this time around it gave off too much of a floral scent, therefore I felt like I was drinking soap. Sensory overload, perhaps?

Otherwise I enjoyed my meal and our dessert of warm chocolate pudding cake (I was so excited eating it, I forgot to snap a picture of it).

My mini-cupcake enjoyed it too and yes, she travels with her own fork - smart little girl!


  1. Hopelessly Devoted and Tasha,
    I apologize, in the attempt of multi-tasking I accidentally deleted your comments but they are still fresh in my head.

    Hopelessly Devoted,
    I only recently picked up Orgasm and only because it was included in my gift palette. I felt this is was a rare occassion that a NARS blush did not work on my skintone. Therefore, I layer this on top of Gilda giving me a pinkish coral glow.

    Yes, Desire can go under the radar because of the intense color. But if you love color especially in the warm months ahead - please check this out. It's really a great universal pink!

  2. one of the three certainly caught my attention.. ;-) Had the pleasure of partying with Carl Nolet Jr. in Paris at the Ritz.. a night to remember for sure. Not only is he the 11th generation private Owner, he can also drink with the best of them, while whipping out some cuban cigars for everyone. I think you would have approved..

    Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for the comment, Jason and I have smoked a Cuban Cigar once in my lifetime. I would have loved to be part of that gathering!

    My fondest memories of Paris was partying well into the morning and walking back to our friend's flat still bursting with energy.