Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From the pages of Allure - June 2011

I had a love affair with Allure - a magazine that focused exclusively on beauty? It debuted in 1991 and I was just smitten.

(image taken from allure.com - loving the shot of Stephanie Seymour)
It introduced me to makeup artists - Stephen Marais, Pat McGrath, Francois Nars, Dick Page, Kevin Aucoin (RIP), Gucci Westman that would eventually have their own lines or become creative directors for mega cosmetic brands.

The magazine soon featured tear out - how-to/tip cards. There was one in particular that just really pissed me off - "How to take an effective shower" or something like that. Really? Was I that ignorant that I needed tear out cards to take with me for my morning showers? It reminded me of that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer was getting tips from Jerry on how to take a shower. At any rate, I just felt that the magazine mocked my intelligence and I stopped my subscription and turned my back on the magazine for quite sometime.

Yes, I do take my magazines pretty seriously.

Recently, I had a conversation with my favorite counter S.A. (sales associate) at Chanel - Nordstrom. The lovely Ms. M and I were chatting about our favorite magazines over the years and she brought up Allure. I rolled my eyes and told her about the said tear cards. She agreed that it was lame and unoriginal but she also made a valid point - being in the beauty industry she constantly learns what's new (brands and procedures), what's expected to come out and keeps her abreast of what's going on now.

That said I went back to the magazine - plus Ms. M. has flawless tastes and her makeup picks for me have been on point.

So I give you my EOTD inspiration from this month's issue with the lovely January Jones (Mad Men's Betty Draper) on the cover:

There was a whole feature on beauty ideas (hair/makeup) for summer. And what I love is that they break down either products used or recommended. I am playing with the bright teal lined summer eyes. I love that the only pop of color is the liner - keeping the lids neutral - barely there.

Yes, I did take a picture of a magazine for this example!

The key was to blend a blue liner with a teal so I blended my UD 24/7 Binge with my MAC Float On By:

L to R:
UD Binge - Navy
MAC Float On By - aqua blue - not really traditional teal but I wanted to use this color.
Blended together - you get a lovely deep denim blue with a bit of a gold sheen to it.

Rest of my eye:
MAC Arena on lid
NARS Abyssinia on browbone
layered on top of TFSI primer
lots of Chanel Inimitable Intense - black

Because I love the combo of blue liner and coral/orange lips, I went with NARS Gilda (coral) on my cheeks and Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Papaya (pink-orange) on my lips.

Not only are magazines and print ads are a good source of inspiration but it also challenges you on translating what you see on the runways and print and how you can work it at a button down 8-5 work environment.

Now if only advertisements can stress that the mascara you see advertised CANNOT promise you the look of false eyelashes without the use of false eyelashes!

UD 24/7 Binge is part of the permenant line and retails for $18 USD. At most stores that carry the UD line as well as online. MAC's Float on By was a limited edition from last summer's To the Beach collection - retailed for $14.50


  1. you know what else i love about allure? it's probably the only magazine where they consistently highlight several major makeup artists as opposed to fashion designers. as someone who loves pat mcgrath, it's the one place where i know she is guaranteed to be featured. if only she came out with a book.

  2. Hey girl - well you are the one who brought me back to it. I'll be seeing you at the counter soon!!