Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keep on Pushin...

Sooner or later I knew this would happen. I was just hoping it would be much later.

I had a post all planned out yesterday until I got to work groggier than usual on a Monday morning and I am in the process of trying to get money owed to me from my healthcare provider for my daughter's pre-school and well you know how that goes.
I was angry. I held back the urge to cuss out the poor customer service that was lucky to answer my call. I lost the urge to write.

I had it planned out. I was going to spotlight my favorite MAC products this week that had my back over the years.
But by the time morning turned to noon, I just lost the urge. However, I don't always like to give up. Yes, I can be a total procrastinator but I am trying my hardest to push through it. Then I realized, I'm not just babbling about the superficial that helps me feel better...I am participating in an exercise that is forcing me to work!

That said, here goes:
One of my favorite MAC items that saves me from the whole "I don't want to wear makeup but I don't want to look sickly at the office"

Indianwood Pigment Pot - a "metallic, antique bronze" (MAC website description)

 A very gorgeous bronze that really sets the tone for a summer themed look. However, I find that this item is timeless and just makes you glow when you wear it.

Here it is on it's own:

And here it is after a full day at work beneath a layer of Old Gold pigment (frosted, tarnished gold - almost olive like):

I am so mad at myself for neglecting my Indianwood Pigment Pot. It's saves me on the weekends when I don't want a full face of makeup but I still want to look pulled together. Also, it's the base to channel my inner Vicky's Secret makeup looks. I love how this makes my NC42 skin just glow! 

This does last a full day for me on it's own, without the use of a primer.

I think what makes me love this even more is that I bought this at The Company Store that's just outside my office! I think I paid $11 for this?

Regular Retail:
$16.50 USD/.17 fl oz
Online, freestand MAC boutiques or any department stores carrying the brand.

Okay, that wasn't so bad - I just had to push through...


  1. Indianwood is my favorite MAC Paintpot =) mine was part of my 21st birthday present from a MUAer! haha

    xoxo Bunny

  2. Hey Joey girl!
    It's one of those items that I wondered what took me so long to buy! What a great gift - you know what I did on my 21st bday?

    I WAS the designated driver - WTF is up with that? So I made up for it on my 25th bday. hahahaha

  3. this is so shameful, but I've never actually tried a paint pot! maybe 21 is the age everyone loses their paint pot virginity ;-)

  4. Hello Ms. Procrastinator!!
    Yes, please put this on your list after your ban has been lifted! You won't regret it, hopefully...