Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taj Mahal

Okay when you see the words, "Taj Mahal" you probably think of this majestic landmark:

or for my South Jersey readers this:

I keep begging my husband to take me to Atlantic City, NJ since he is from NJ...

Okay the Taj Mahal I'm talking about today is this guy:

NARS (surprise, surprise)
Taj Mahal (permanent item) blush is described as a burnt orange shimmer and it's just that - a lovely dark orange shimmer that doesn't have any chunky glitter or fallout. It is an intense color, very pigmented. I suggest you dip your brush on to the color, tap excess and then apply lightly (I like using a fluffy blush brush - I'm still experimenting with what brush I like best). It gives me the best glow - not coming from a traditional bronzer.

(NC42 for reference)

I know it looks intense based on the swatch alone.

But with the right blush and control, you get a nice glow:

I did pop a bit of Laguna Illuminator below and above my cheekbones - I'm starting to like this Illuminator that I wrote off sometime ago.

I wish I would have picked this up sooner. But in reality it wasn't that long ago that I went out of the house blush-less. I know hard to believe, but I was scared of applying incorrectly but after being influenced by my little sister's blush obsession and hours of practice. I fully embrace blush and I won't leave the house without it (except for running to the gym on weekend mornings). And I'm on to my new obsession - layering blushes! I also love doing a sculpted cheek involving: highlighter, bronzer and color. When I take the time to do this properly, I always get asked if I lost weight and that is my measure of a job well done!

Retail - $27/USD
I purchased this at Nordstrom.

Available at department stores carrying the NARS line, as well as Sephora and NARS site itself.


  1. Taj mahal looks fabulous on you! I love the unique concept of a burnt orange blush, though I'm not sure how it would look on lighter skin tones like mine

  2. Thanks Dovey,
    I still think you should try it - you might be delightfully surprised!