Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is this World Coming To?

So I go into my Stats tab to check on my audience - I am always curious to see what part of the world views my blog. I then filter to Traffic Sources out of curousity - how did they find me. I am thankful that my blog gets promoted on other blogs like Sabrina's. But after looking at the Referring URL's and Referring Sites I look at the Search Keywords. I am always happy when I see keywords like NC 42 skin comparisons or Rouge Coco, NC 42 skin, etc...it makes me feel good that I'm also lending another voice for the NC40 and over set.

However, the very last Search Keyword featured the phrase, Under Age Girls Naked...and as a mother of a little girl this really kills me. I want to find this pervert and rip his or her eye sockets out so they can never do this again! This sick individual searched this topic either last night or this morning.

Then I'm again, I am sure you fellow bloggers must have come across this or other twisted phrases if you ever look at your Search Keywords.

Okay sorry - I will return later today to review my NARS duo Jolie Poupee.

Still somewhat disgusted and saddened.


  1. As a mom to a little girl myself and a new beauty blogger, I really hope I never encounter this. I am sorry that you had to. It is heart-breaking and disgusting and I'm sure just like me, you want to shield your daughter from some of the ugly truth's that exist in this world. On a happier note, I love the pic of you with your daughter and the blush brush. I have some very similar pictures! Nice blog, BTW!

  2. Hi Devoted Makeup Mom!

    I know that the world is not perfect and all but I guess once it hits you closely you can't help but feel a bit of a shock.

    Thanks for understanding and I like your blog, too!