Friday, May 13, 2011


Ah, when I hear the word Gunmetal, I think of a deep, sooty, siler-gray shade. I know this will make the fiercest (is that even a word?) smoky eye. So to give myself a break from my beloved NARS collection, I look into my eyeshadow loot to see what I've been neglecting.

Low and behold, Urban Decay's Gunmetal eyeshadow.

(NC 42/NARS Syracuse/LM Tinted Moisturzer Caramel - for skin reference)

It's is a bluish-gray with BIG chunks of silver glitter. Yes, UD is known for having those chunky glittery fallouts with some of their shadows. You either love 'em or hate 'em - I still love 'em. When using said shadows, I tend to do my eye makeup first then complete with my tinted moisturizer after just so I can clean up around my eyes then apply concealer. A tip I picked up from the NARS Mega Event, to clean up shadow fallout use a dab of their face primer on the area to pick it up. So I used my Laura Mercier oil-free primer instead and blotted with a towel. The trick seems to work with any primer!

I quickly remember why I haven't used this in a long time. Sadly, it doesn't apply very smoothly. I have to pat it on repeatedly, otherwise it will look patchy. So I found myself applying three layers to get the level of intensity I want. Also, I think I may have worn this on top of Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Skinny Jeans (deep pewter, taupe) last time for more oompf. But I'm game for the challenge so I just add MAC Soba (soft golden brown shimmer) in my crease for a gradation effect. I add MAC Arena (soft golden peach) on my brow bone for a neutral highlight. And lastly, my favorite black liner, MAC Feline on my top and bottom lashline and bottom waterline. I smudge both top and bottom lines with my MAC #219 brush for a more softened, blended look. Top off with Dior Extase Mascara Black - many coats!

Sorry for the dark picture - I was trying to take this picture without my boss catching me. If he did, I'm pretty sure he didn't need this as evidence that I'm a pretty whacky girl that would rather be blogging than doing expense reports!

I finished with NARS South Beach Multiple (rich bronzey, apricot) under and above cheekbones, NARS Gilda (coral) blush, MAC Cream O'Spice/NARS Orgasm gloss on lips.

Many apologies of posts with crappy face pictures - I am putting aside cosmetic purchases this pay period to invest in a good camera. We do own a very nice Nikon but it's pretty bulky and I definitely cannot stash it in my purse so the plan is to buy a nice 10-12 megapixel camera this weekend. Still trying to decide Canon vs. Nikon.


I cannot wait to unleash my inner photographer!

Happy Friday and I am hoping to make it to the store after work to setup a Kitchen Happy Hour for my husband - he's had a rough week. Doesn't a Manhattan (or your favorite cocktail here) cheer up anyone that's had a real CRAP-TASTIC week??


  1. it's a gorgeous colour on you =) thanks for checking out my blog - I'm officially following yours!

  2. Ha thanks - you made me laugh when I needed it. Honestly, how could I not check your blog out - I LOVE procrastinating.

    If it were a business - I'd be CEO!